The Daily Varnish + Pickie

PickieWhen Pickie asked me to be part of their Spring Into Style event I wasn’t sure what Pickie was. I started doing a little Googling and found it’s a really cool personalized online (there is also an iPad app) shopping magazine that features picks from bloggers, stores, magazines and websites in all kinds of shopping categories.  Basically, it’s a great tool for a shopoholic like myself!

Participating in the Spring Into Style event entailed me picking my top 6 polishes for the spring season and write a little blurb about each polish. I was honored to be included and had so much fun picking out the polishes I featured!

Please make sure to check out my feature here. I’d love to know what you think about my picks!

I, again, want to thank everyone who reads this blog and supports The Daily Varnish. I love talking about nail polish everyday and it wouldn’t be possible without y’all!



2 responses to “The Daily Varnish + Pickie

  1. Can’t Find My Czechbook is one of my absolute favorites of the season so far – when I’m through with my no-buy definitely going to pick up Butler Please. I’ve been meaning to for what seems like forever now!! Great picks!

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