China Glaze Bump & Grind

China Glaze Bump & GrindWhen I saw the promo image for China Glaze’s Texture collection I wasn’t overly excited about it. My line of thought went something like this: textured polish without glitter!? WHY!?!?!?!?

As it turns out I don’t miss the glitter at all!

Bump & Grind is a medium almost fuchsia pink that has that sandy or sugary texture. When I initially put this polish on I was sure I was going to hate it. It looked rubbery and the texture was uneven. Once I gave it a few minutes to dry and the texture changed I was in love! It’s a perfect color for summer with the added bonus of a unique texture.

The formula is different from any other nail polish in my collection (including the OPI liquid sand polishes). The CG formula is kind of gritty. That being said, I used just two coats and was happy with the results.

Call me a convert! This was definitely a case of don’t judge a nail polish by its promo image.

Below the jump there are (many) more swatches. I’d love to know what you think about this take on the textured polish trend.


China Glaze Bump & Grind 3 China Glaze Bump & Grind 2 China Glaze Bump & Grind MACRO 2 China Glaze Bump & Grind MACRO China Glaze Bump & Grind 4




11 responses to “China Glaze Bump & Grind

  1. The entire appeal of texture polishes to me is the “I just dipped my nails in sugar” look; I don’t care for the actual texture much at all. Consequently, I’m not a fan of them without the glitter.

  2. I love the finish of these, they are less sparkly then others and that appeals to me. I really like your swatches.

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