Jesse’s Girl Confetti (+ a shimmery gradient!)

Jesse's Girl ConfettiI have looked at this polish so many times when I was in Rite Aid (it is so gorgeous in the bottle!) but for one reason or another never picked it up. I don’t have an extensive collection of Jesse’s Girl polishes. It’s a brand that flies just below my radar. But I have loved the polishes I do have (Party Dress and Carolina Beach). When I was picking up some of the new additions to the JulieG line I decided to finally give Confetti a try.

Confetti is a very sheer shimmery blue and purple duo chrome. It’s not really wearable alone. At least in  my opinion. I used 4 coats in my swatches and as you can see it’s not fully opaque.

That being said this is gold when it comes to layering it over other polishes. On Friday I was already wearing Revlon Urban. I was going out that night and wanted to spice my manicure up a bit. I sponged Confetti on top to create a gradient ala my Going Baroque manicure. I absolutely loved the result.

Below the jump there are swatches of that manicure along with additional swatches of Confetti as well as what one coat of confetti looks like layered over Revlon Urban.


Jesse's Girl Confetti 3 Jesse's Girl Confetti 2 Jesse's Girl Confetti 4 Jesse's Girl Confetti MACRO Jesse's Girl Confetti MACRO 2 Jesse's Girl Confetti over Revlon Urban Revlon Urban and Jesse's Girl Confetti Revlon Urban and Jesse's Girl Confetti 2 Revlon Urban and Jesse's Girl Confetti MACRO Revlon Urban and Jesse's Girl Confetti MACRO 2


6 responses to “Jesse’s Girl Confetti (+ a shimmery gradient!)

  1. Who could resist this in the bottle on the shelf? It’s so pretty. I also use it over blues typically but I have put it over soft lavender and pinks and even a white cream and had it reallly look great

  2. Brittany Miller

    WOW! I wasn’t crazy about it until the gradient you did. I must have this polish to layer over blue, its georgeous 🙂

  3. Lucky you, we don’t get this brand in Canada. A sheer polish is attractive too, the pictures make it look soft and innocent, like satin baby shoes. The gradient just proves it’s versatile. Over pink sounds so lovely.

    Very pretty!

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