Revlon Urban (+ a comparison to OPI…Eurso Euro!)

Revlon UrbanAt the beginning of the year Revlon released a slew of new polishes. I spotted them at CVS and was seriously distracted by the new glitter polishes; Hearts of Gold FX and Celestial FX. Not until I spotted the display for Revlon’s Bubblegum Days and Urban Nights collection was I sold on Urban. Olivia Wilde is wearing it in the display picture and I just had to have it!

Urban is a deep blue creme with some purple undertones. It’s trying to be navy but it’s just not quite there. It fits very nicely in the deep blue category of my Spring 2013 Must Have Polishes post.

The formula gave me a bit of trouble. It’s on the thick side and bubbles easily if you are not careful. Despite the formula being thick(ish) I still needed 3 coats in my swatches.

While I was wearing this I thought it was similar to OPI OPI…Eurso Euro. As it turns out it’s really not. Urban is a few shades deeper than OPI…Eurso Euro. For a few comparison swatches (and additional swatches of Urban) check below the jump!



Revlon Urban 2 Revlon Urban 3 Revlon Urban MACRO Revlon Urban MACRO2 OPI Eurso Euro Revlon Urban OPI Eurso Euro Revlon Urban 2 OPI Eurso Euro Revlon Urban MACRO



6 responses to “Revlon Urban (+ a comparison to OPI…Eurso Euro!)

  1. It looks a lot like China Glaze Calypso Blue to me! Whereas Eurso Euro looks a lot like Bermuda Breakaway. I ALWAYS have problems with the regular Revlon formulas; they bubble like crazy, and it drives ME crazy. I only get the fast-dry ones now because I don’t seem to have the same problem with them.

  2. I’m glad to hear they aren’t dupes as I have both but they are untried still. I love both colors. Now that Valentines, St Patty’s and Easter are nearly over, I can get on to manis using these new untrieds. I really like Urban and have a few mani ideas to do with it. Eurso Euro is just a gorgeous blue.

    • I bought Urban not a day after I picked up Eurso Euro. I got home and was like REALLY ALLISON! I, too, was glad they weren’t dupes 🙂

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