Essie Avenue Maintain

Essie Avenue MaintainThere’s nothing quite like springtime in Paris. And there’s no color quite as perfect for spring as Parisian blue.

Avenue Maintain is from Essie’s Spring 2013 Madison Ave-hue collection. Each polish in the collection was inspired by a famous shopping city. Avenue Maintain draws inspiration from the famous Avenue Montaigne in the Champs Élysées quarter of Paris. This street is lined with trees (and tourists) and is the location of many high-end retailers.

It’s clear that Essie was trying to create the perfect Parisian blue in a bottle. And they did! Avenue Maintain is a bright sky blue creme. It’s a very clean blue. No dusty or smokey undertones.

Like Hip-Anema, also from this collection, Avenue Maintain has a fabulous formula. I used just 2 coats in my swatches.

I absolutely love this polish (in case that wasn’t completely obvious by now!). It’s right up my alley and a nice change from all the darker colors I’ve been wearing during the fall and winter.

My favorite part of Paris is Montmartre. One day when I was at the top off the hill there was a crazy wind storm that came through. But after it cleared the sky above the Basilique du Sacré-Cœur was the most perfect shade of blue. This polish captures that blue perfectly.

This collection has started showing up in stores (I spotted the display at Rite Aid sans Hip-Anema last week).

Below the jump there are additional swatches. And for good measure here is a picture of Serena and Blair on Avenue Montaigne (because I’m having serious Gossip Girl withdraw!).


Essie Avenue Maintain 3 Essie Avenue Maintain 2 Essie Avenue Maintain MACRO Essie Avenue Maintain MACRO 2



17 responses to “Essie Avenue Maintain

  1. This is a prettty shade. Have to admit, I passed by this collection a week ago in a Walgreens and picked up the green one but put it back. The shades look too much like what I have already – though maybe they are a bit more dusty in the bottle at least. Nothing was telling me I had to have these and I usually am lemming at least 1 of many Essie collections typically.

    • Essie always manages to pull me in! I was surprised to find not exact dupe for this in my collection. That being said….it is similar to many polishes I have 🙂

  2. I like the theme of Essie’s spring collection this year, but Avenue Maintain is the only one I HAVE to buy! I am a sucker for blue polishes and anything related to France. Thank you for the swatches!

  3. This colour is gorgeous! It kind of reminds me of Lapiz of Luxury, but more blue!

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  5. I ALMOST bought this one yesterday…I’m trying to reign in my desire to hop in the car and go to the 24hr CVS to get it now….

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