Essie Sleek Stick Over the Moon

Essie Sleek Stick Over the MoonSigh. I am so sad about this whole Essie Sleek Stick situation.

At the beginning of the year Essie finally threw their hat into the nail strip/sticker/applique ring. I spotted the display at CVS and will admit, the designs are very Essie. Classic yet interesting. Not over the top but still eye catching.

I was kind of disappointed that Essie didn’t follow suit and do real nail polish strips like OPI and China Glaze. But none the less I wanted to give them a try.

Over the Moon is a great design. The base color is a dusty mauve(ish) taupe creme. A nice neutral color that leans a bit warm. It isn’t terrible with my skintone but not the most flattering either. Different sized silver polka dots fade from the cuticle to the tip. I absolutely love this design. That being said….it wouldn’t be THAT difficult to recreate.

The problem is the application and wear of these strips. They are a bit thick and no matter how hard I tried they would not lay completely flat on the nail (reminded me alot of the Julep appliques…). The resulting manicure wasn’t AWFUL (I even kind of liked it….). And from a distance they looked pretty good (as you can see in these pictures . But from Essie and for $10.25 a set I expect more.

To attempt to make them wear better I did add a gel top coat and cure the manicure with an LED lamp. That did help and halt the lifting of the strips but after wearing these for 4 days I was over it.

Below the jump there is alot of additional information and additional swatches including application and removal instructions, packaging details and my manicure on day 4.

If you’ve tried Essie’s Sleek Sticks I’d love to know if your experience was similar (or better…or worse…) than mine!



Essie Sleek Stick Essie Sleek Stick Contents Essie Sleek Stick 2 Essie Sleek Stick Application Essie Sleek Stick Directions Essie Sleek Stick Removal Essie Sleek Stick Over the Moon 2 Essie Sleek Stick Over the Moon 3 Essie Sleek Stick Over the Moon MACRO Essie Sleek Stick Over the Moon 4 Essie Sleek Stick Over the Moon Gel Essie Sleek Stick Over the Moon  Gel 2 Essie Sleek Stick Over the Moon Symphony

Day 4

Day 4


7 responses to “Essie Sleek Stick Over the Moon

  1. I have a set of these from rite aid, but haven’t tried them yet. I think I’m afraid they won’t work well!
    Thanks for the review.

  2. I was super disappointed in these. They didn’t even last a day! I love the L’Oreal ones. Much better and more affordable!!!

  3. These are the ones I almost bought about a trillion times… Love the look.

  4. Tried the beige ones with lace — didn’t love it. Also couldn’t get all of them to lay flat, and the sizes just weren’t great for my nails which are really domed (not their fault I guess), The result was that they’re really messy-looking around the cuticles. I filed them down at the ends nicely but 2 days later about half of them are peeling from the tip end. I loved how they looked but will definitely not be buying again 😦

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