Revlon Hearts of Gold FX

Revlon Hearts of Gold FXRevlon released a bunch of new polishes the beginning of the year. I spotted the new Top Speed polishes at CVS in January and fell in love with both new glitters. At first I only picked up Celestial FX but eventually they both were added to my collection!

Despite what Hearts of Gold looks like in the bottle it’s not really gold at all. The small glitters are goldish but pull much more silver once on the nail. The heart glitter is silver with a bit of a holographic effect.

A review of this polish can go two ways. If you just apply the polish expecting the large heart glitter to be perfectly placed on every nail you will be very disappointed and will conclude that this polish is a waste of time and money. But, that is not the best way to approach this polish

To apply this polish I did one coat over Essie Butler Please on each nail not allowing any of the heart glitter to stay on my nails. This is not really a difficult task as it’s hard to get the heart glitter off the brush that way. Next, using a toothpick, I applied the heart glitter where I wanted and topped it with a top coat. I loved the result.

The biggest issue I had with this polish was the heart glitter wasn’t entirely flush with the nail. One of the hearts actually came off my nail after I got it caught on something. But otherwise, I have no complaints.

There are a bunch of swatches below the jump (including a more color accurate picture….Essie Butler Please does not get along with my camera!).



Revlon Hearts of Gold FX Essie Butler Please Revlon Hearts of Gold FX 2 Revlon Hearts of Gold FX MACRO Revlon Hearts of Gold FX MACRO 2 Revlon Hearts of Gold FX 3


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