Orly Boho Bonnet (+ a gold leaf manicure)

Orly Boho BonnetAs a brand Orly has been off my radar for the past year or so. None of their 2012 collections really caught my eye. But when the promo images for their spring 2013 Hope & Freedom Fest collection came out I knew I had to have a least a few.

Boho Bonnet is a dusty light blue creme. It’s a lovely color that reminds me of Orly Pixie Dust and OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam minus the shimmer. According to Orly the inspiration for this color was the blue California sky. Believe it or not it does remind me of a hazy California day.

The formula is a bit on the thin side. I used 3 coats in my swatches.

For some reason this polish just didn’t mesh well with my skintone. I really loved the color of this polish so I didn’t want to just take the polish off. Instead I decided to do a gold leaf manicure. For most of the nails I just did a DIY Gold Flake Top Coat. But on the ring finger I applied larger pieces of gold leaf (well…actually copper leaf). It had an interesting look to it but I’m still not entirely sold. There are swatches of that manicure, along with additional swatches of Boho Bonnet, below the jump.


Orly Boho Bonnet 3 Orly Boho Bonnet 2 Orly Boho Bonnet MACRO

Orly Boho Bonnet MACRO 2 Orly Boho Bonnet Gold Leaf


9 responses to “Orly Boho Bonnet (+ a gold leaf manicure)

  1. Hummm. I don’t think this would look good on me either. Must be the light blue in it. I find I have a lo of problems finding light blues that don’t turn me into a ghost look or lob hands – think this is doing the former to your hands.

    • This color did terrible things to my hands! Made me look sickly and brought out the red in my skintone all at the same time.

      I’ve worn this polish several times (taking pictures each time) just to make sure my hands weren’t just strange that day. Unfortunately, I’ve had the same result each time 😦

  2. Too bad it didn’t go with your skin tone- because I absolutely love this color.

  3. I’d love to see this with Today was a Fairytale 🙂

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