Nailspiration: The 2013 Oscars

Oscars Manicure 2013 MACRO Ulta JulepHappy Oscars Sunday!!

As is true with almost every awards show, I watch for the fashion and beauty first and the actual awards second. Today’s Oscars are no exception.

I wanted to do a manicure in honor of the occasion. I immediately thought of Julep Oscar. Clearly there is not a more appropriate polish for the Oscars. But the glitter is a bit sparse so I wanted to layer it over another polish. The obvious color to layer gold over would of course be black. But I wanted something a bit fresher so I went with white. Ulta Snow White to be exact.

After applying two coats of Snow White I topped my manicure with one coat of Oscar. I really like the results. It’s kind of classic with a twist.

This year I made a serious effort to see all the nominees for best picture. I’ve seen almost all of them and despite it being a long shot, tonight I will definitely be cheering for Argo. It was my favorite movie of the year by far! I’d love to know what your favorite movie was this year. Even if it’s not nominated for best picture!

As always, there are more swatches below the jump 🙂



Oscars Manicure 2013 Julep Oscars Manicure 2013 Oscars Manicure 2013 2 Oscars Manicure 2013 3 Oscars Manicure 2013 MACRO Oscars Manicure 2013 MACRO 2


8 responses to “Nailspiration: The 2013 Oscars

  1. Nice – always have been a fan of cream and gold – now to the Oscars – I’m in! I was watching the Indie Spirit Awards last night. I have a great old friend who is singing back up to Adele tonight – he is stoked – granted he’s in a big old choir that is behind a crystal beaded drape – but gosh getting to sing with Adele and we KNOW she is going to win the Oscar tonight! He’s always had a great voice and worked ongoing since 70 as a musician … and in the LaLa land that’s pretty unusual to have been able to put food on the table all those yrs because of your musical ability. He has to wear a tux and says it’s a first in his lifetime – pretty shocked at that one since he’s 60 now! My pick for best movie – Argo – Jennifer Lawrence for best actress – Daniel Day Lewis for Best Actor – Speals for Director – don’t think there are going to be any big upsets tonight – it’s been a lock for some time – tho out the door would have said Jessica Chastaine for best actress…she is pretty amazing but Jennifer picked up speed of late

  2. Oh and I think you are wrong – Argo is the front runner now for best pix…Hollywood loves movies where Hollywood saves the day – and it’s been winning everything as redemption for Ben Aflick not getting a best director nod for it by Oscars. It’s a shoe in for the award tonight – plus Hollywood loves to be able to give an award to George Clooney (he co-produced) and other than this category he has not had many chances to win any Oscar & he’s getting older now…it’s time for him. And I agree with ya – Argo was the best pix I saw this yr out of the ones up for Oscar. Loved it and not met anyone who did not like it – the others all have something about them that bugged me – editing issues in Zero Dark Thirty – Lincoln way too hard for most folks to follow the dialog and it was too long and they got history wrong (not that Argo got the history right…but might not be as important as getting the 13th Amendment vote wrong!

  3. I just discovered your blog a few days ago. Love this! I really liked the movie Life of Pi, and I hope it wins something.

    • Welcome! And thank you.

      Life of Pi is one of the two best picture nominees I haven’t seen. I haven’t heard too much about it so I keep forgetting to check it out!

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