DIY Nail Polish Rack Update!

Nail Polish RackA little over a year ago I did a post on how to build a DIY nail polish rack using foam board and hot glue. Since it’s been awhile I get alot of questions as to how well the rack has held up.

I’m happy to report that over a year later my nail polish rack is still as good as new. For the vast majority of the year the rack has been fully stocked with nail polish and I’ve had no issues with the shelves moving or drooping. I have the rack attached to the wall with 5 nails and this has kept the rack steady. It hasn’t moved an inch!

I was definitely skeptical that this rack would hold up, but I’ve been converted to a believer. Hard to believe foam board and hot glue can be so sturdy!



2 responses to “DIY Nail Polish Rack Update!

  1. What did you use to keep it on the wall? I don’t wanna ruin my pink walls (:

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