Color Club Gift of Sparkle

Color Club Gift of SparkleSometimes I think nail polish companies enjoy confusing the consumer! Color Club released it’s winter 2013 Winter Affair collection with 2 polishes exclusive to Sally Beauty Supply. Ok, that’s fine. Except the Sally exclusive polishes have the same names as polishes in the original collection. Oh, and to make things even MORE confusing. The Sally exclusive polishes are scented. What?

This version of Gift of Sparkle is the Sally Beauty Supply version. It is a lovely deep blue shimmery metallic. It’s like a more subdued version of OPI Swimsuit….Nailed It!. I love it!

The formula is fantastic. I used just 2 coats in my swatches.

As far as the scent goes…I can’t quite put my finger on it. It smells just kind of sweet. It didn’t bother me but I’m not quite sure there’s a point to this polish being scented.

Anyway. After wearing this a day or two I (again) was dying to use Revlon Celestial FX. I topped Gift of Sparkle with 1 coat of Celestial FX and manually placed the diamond glitter on each nail. The boy dubbed the result as my “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” manicure. He’s just so clever (insert eye roll here).

There is a picture of my diamonds manicure along with additional swatches of Gift of Sparkle below the jump!


Color Club Gift of Sparkle 3 Color Club Gift of Sparkle 2 Color Club Gift of Sparkle MACRO 2 Color Club Gift of Sparkle MACRO

Color Club Gift of Sparkle and Revlon Celestial FX


2 responses to “Color Club Gift of Sparkle

  1. Wait… Sally Beauty Supply carries Color Club? Is this new? I’ve never seen it at the stores or online.

    • The only Color Club I’ve ever seen at Sally’s is the Winter Affair collection. I have no idea if this is going to be a normal thing or not. Hope so, though!

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