DIY: Eyeshadow Sponge Tip Applicator Manicure

Eyeshadow sponge tip applicator nail artOne of my favorite things to do is to find items I have around the house and use them to do nail art. In the past I’ve done manicures using plastic wrap, paper towels, newspaper, glitter, qtips and even eyeshadow.

The other day I was looking at a wine glass I have sitting on my vanity that is full of makeup applicators from eyeshadows, powders, etc that I’ll never use. I realized the sponge tip applicators that come with eyeshadows aren’t that much different from regular old makeup sponges that I use to do a gradient manicure. But I thought the eyeshadow sponges being a bit more porous might give a different look.

As it turns out I was right!

Below the jump there is a step by step guide to how I created this manicure.


Eyeshadow sponge tip applicator nail art 2

What you need:

  1. At least 2 nail polishes. I used OPI Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow and Essie No Place Like Chrome.
  2. A sponge tip applicator (comes with just about any eyeshadow!)
  3. Tape (optional)
  4. A top coat.

Eyeshadow sponge tip applicator nail art 3

How to:

  1. Do all your nails in your chosen base color and let them dry. Completely.
  2. If you want (I didn’t) put tape around your nails to prevent polish from getting onto the cuticles. If you are careful you can pretty much avoid this but if it’s your first time it’s not a terrible idea.
  3. Wet your sponge applicator so that it is damp (this prevents the sponge from soaking up all the nail polish).
  4. Brush the second polish color onto the sponge.
  5. Lightly tap the sponge onto the nail until you get the desired look. I wanted the nail polish to sort of fade down the nail.
  6. Wait a few minutes then add your top coat. That’s it!

This was really easy to do and kind of fun. Plus, I loved the finished look.

I’d love to know what you think of this nail art and if you’re going to give it a try!

Eyeshadow sponge tip applicator nail art 4


6 responses to “DIY: Eyeshadow Sponge Tip Applicator Manicure

  1. This seems like a better alternative than the traditional wedge sponges, which I imagine are super messy. I love this idea 🙂

  2. The sponge tip applicators work well – I have more control using them over a makeup sponge – and yes, it does give a different look for the gradient – sometimes I have too much polish on it and it’s a big fail then and I am trying to pull some up with a paper towel or saran if I was thoughtful enough to have saran right there ready.

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