Minx Triangle Tango

Minx Triangle TangoSigh. Sometimes nail products can be so frustrating. Almost as frustrating as not learning from your past mistakes!

Some time ago I gave Nail Rock Nail Wraps a try. They were similar to the Minx nail wraps as they were super shiny nail appliques not made of real nail polish (like say the Sally Hansen Salon Effects). The experience was miserable (as you well know if you read my post).

But when I saw these Minx nail appliques at Ulta they were just so gorgeous! My brain failed me and I convinced myself to give them a go. And while I will admit they made a heck of a manicure for a night out and from a distance my nails looked pretty awesome, the application process and wear issues make the entire thing not worth it.

For my entire dreadful experience and a slew of pictures check below the jump!


This all came about because I was going to the Charlotte Symphony. I was wearing a black dress and my favorite fuchsia lipstick so I was having difficulty deciding what to do with my nails. Finally I decided metallic was the way to go. It’s a neutral yet not boring and blingy enough for a special occasion (plus the manicure matched my symphony makeup perfectly!).

Packaging: The packaging is a very simple cardboard envelope. Included are enough strips for one manicure and one pedicure and 2 alcohol wipes. The price is still steep at $18 (and if you have shorter nails like me there is alot of waste as both sides of the strips are not rounded).

Minx Triangle Tango 2 Minx Triangle Tango 3 Minx Triangle Tango 4

Application: The only instructions for application are on the back of the package. They are fairly simple and straight forward though there are a couple notable things. One, it recommends rubbing the strips to warm them up prior to applications. Secondly, it recommends using a hair dryer to aid with any lifting that may occur.

Minx Instructions

Minx Tips

Minx Packaging 2

I followed the instructions to a tee and still had a few issues. I could not get the nail applique to lay flat on the sides (or tips) of some of my nails. I even tried the hair dryer tip. The edges of my nails were also very rough, despite using a nail file to try to smooth the edge.

Minx Triangle Tango MACRO Minx Triangle Tango 7

Wear: I had very noticeable tip wear very quickly (within a day) and ended up taking these off not long after that. The part of the applique that wasn’t laying down flat on my nails kept getting caught on things. It was really quite annoying.

Minx Triangle Tango 6 Minx Triangle Tango 5

Removal: Removing these strips was quite easy. I just soaked my nails in warm water for a few minutes and they lifted right off. No residue was left on my nails.

Minx Triangle Tango MACRO 2

Overall, I had a fairly disappointing experience with these Minx strips. I do quite like the design and as I said, these looked really awesome from a distance, but the effort and annoyance were not worth the final result.


4 responses to “Minx Triangle Tango

  1. These look fab! I wish there was an ULTA in my end of the woods. I only went to one once when I was in a big city – it would be an overnighter for me to go to one from where I live. I am not a big fan of any of the nail apps but I like this one and a few others that have some clear parts so you can see through them.

  2. shortandsweetintexas

    I had a very similar experience with Nail Bliss appliques. I’ve since sworn off trying any more of these unless they use real polish :/

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