Nailspiration: Chanel + My Favorite Bracelet

Chanel Manicure 4Over the summer Chanel showed some very chic and simple nail art during their couture show. I recreated the exact look but ever since I’ve used Chanel’s idea with all kinds of different colors.

This manicure came about when I realized Cover Girl Golden Opportunity matched my favorite bracelet. I wear it almost everyday so while it was awesome that the nail polish matched wearing the polish and bracelet together was a bit much. The Chanel nail art is the perfect way to have just a bit of metallic.

For the blue I used Ulta Moody Blues. I decided on blue for my main color simply because I love the way navy and gold look together. It’s a bit more modern than gold and black and a little less harsh.

I absolutely loved this manicure. It looked awesome with my bracelet. So awesome, in fact, I wore this manicure for a good 5 days (y’all, that never happens!).

Am I the only crazy one who likes her manicure and jewelry to compliment each other?  Please tell me I’m not alone! And make sure to check out the additional swatches below the jump 🙂


Chanel Manicure 3 Chanel Manicure 2 Chanel Manicure Chanel Manicure MACRO Chanel Manicure 5


4 responses to “Nailspiration: Chanel + My Favorite Bracelet

  1. I love this, it looks so classy!

  2. Talk about being spot on trend with the Sally Hansen Gold/Teal border mani blowing up at Tracy Reese during NYFW! Amazing mani!

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