Nail Art: Valentine’s Day Manicure Ideas!

Valentine's Day Manicure Ideas!Love it or hate it….Valentine’s Day is an awesome excuse to do some pretty manicures!

Below the jump there are a slew of ideas ranging from super simple to somewhat complicated. But they’re all adorable and perfect for the holiday.

I’d love to know which manicure is your favorite and what you’re planning on wearing on your nails this Valentine’s day!


Vday Manicure 2

Vday Manicure

Pink, glitter and metallic: This was the first Valentine’s Day themed manicure I did this year and turned out to be one of my favorites! To create this manicure I used Rimmel Speed Dating, topped it with OPI Teenage Dream just on my thumb and added a metallic accent nail with Orly Rage.

Nailspiration Tiffany's v3 Nailspiration Tiffany's v3 1 Nailspiration Tiffany's v2 Nailspiration Tiffany's v1 Nailspiration Tiffany's v1 2

Tiffany Inspired Manicure: If this doesn’t give your guy a Valentine’s Day gift hint nothing will! For Christmas my wonderful brother got my a necklace from Tiffany’s.  The packaging was gorgeous! I had to do a manicure using the color combinations. Clearly I went through many versions of this manicure. The literal interpretation of the bow is my favorite but I really quite like all of them. Polishes used: Finger Paints Tiffany Imposter, JulieG Sunset Kiss

Valentine's Day Nail Art MACRO 3 Valentine's Day Nail Art MACRO 2 Valentine's Day Nail Art MACRO Valentine's Day Nail Art


love is real, real is love

Holographic Heart: This is my absolute favorite! I did all my nails with PISTOL polish Firecracker then cut a heart out in a piece of tape (just fold it over and cut….like they taught you in elementary school!). I applied the tape over the nail and filled it in with Impala Na Mira 3D. Gorgeous!

Valentine's Day Manicure 2 Valentine's Day Manicure

Metallic Red Accent Nail: Simple yet festive is the perfect way to describe this manicure. The key is to use polishes with different finishes. I used Finger Paints Louvre This Pink and added a metallic red accent nail with JulieG Sunset Kiss.

Valentine's Day Nail Art

Stacked Hearts: This was my 2012 Valentine’s Day manicure and I still love it. For more info on this manicure check out this post.

Valentine's Day manicure

Say It With Braille: My 2011 Valentine’s Day manicure is still a favorite! I spelled out “love” in Braille and added a simple heart on the thumb. For all the info on this manicure check out this post.

OMG Nail Strips Pink Kisses

If All Else Fails, Use Nail Strips: I wore these OMG Nail Strips in Pink Kisses back in January and realized they’d be perfect for Valentine’s Day! Sally Hansen also has nail strips out with Valentine’s designs.


3 responses to “Nail Art: Valentine’s Day Manicure Ideas!

  1. “Love” in Braille, now that is unique. Cute manis.

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