Impala Na Mira 3D

Impala Na Mira 3DI was super stoked to learn that Impala, a really popular Brazilian nail polish brand, was expanding to the US. I’m always excited to try new polish brands so I went straight to their website and started browsing. The website is pretty basic and not entirely user friendly (at least the English version…) but I did find a couple polishes I just had to try. All of the polishes are priced between $4.99 and $5.99 and are .25 FL Oz.

When Na Mira 3D arrived in my mailbox I was super excited! It looked gorgeous in the (very uniquely shaped) bottle. Another unique thing I noticed about the bottle was the label was only on the top and it includes (what I think is) an expiration date (09/2015).

Na Mira 3D (or…according to my Spanish speaking brother “In Look”) is a charcoal base packed with small square holographic glitter. The glitter in this polish is larger than say OPI My Private Jet or petites COLOR FEVER Black Diamond which makes the holographic glitter really stand out.

The formula is a bit on the thin side but not difficult to work with. I used three coats in my swatches. In the future I’ll definitely be layering this over a black or other dark polish.

So far I’m definitely a fan of Impala (and can understand why it’s so popular elsewhere in the world). Can’t wait to try Agua Fresca!

Below the jump there are a slew of additional swatches plus a picture of how awesome this polish looks in the sun! Seriously, it’s a must see.

Rumor has it that some retail stores will soon start carrying the Impala polish line but I’ve not yet been able to find any information indicating what stores or when this will happen. As of right now the only place to purchase Impala polish is their website.

I’d love to know if there are any Impala polishes you’d like to try and what you think about Na Mira 3D 🙂



Impala Na Mira 3D 3 Impala Na Mira 3D 2



Impala Na Mira 3D MACRO 3 Impala Na Mira 3D MACRO 2 Impala Na Mira 3D MACRO Impala Na Mira 3D label Impala Na Mira 3D 4


10 responses to “Impala Na Mira 3D

  1. If the brand is Brazilian, it seems like the name would be “in Sight,” not “In Look,” because it would be in Portuguese, not Spanish. It is very pretty, though. Nothing really jumping out at me from the Impala website… Maybe if I saw them in person I’d be more impressed with the general selection. I was really hoping there’d be more holos!

    • When I was trying to figure out the name of this polish I did the Google translator with Portuguese and it wouldn’t translate the name. So thank you 🙂

  2. Raye and Alli: indeed the correct translation would be “in sight”. This nail polish is part of a collection called ARMY that also includes the color “Azul Aviador” (“Aviator’s Blue). Na Mira 3D is what we call an ‘effect’ that is supposed to be applied on top of your favorite color, like a top coat. It looks fantastic with black!
    Thank you for your support and keep checking our website for our new collections!

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  6. Hey! I’m a brazilin nail polish aholic, and found your blog while looking for swachtes of the OPI colors, as I live in Buenos Aires and they are launching OPI here. I have a very extensive collection with different brands, Impala is one of them off course. It’s the best brazilian brand yoy can find at drugstores, lasting longer on nails than others. I agree the websites are hard to chose colors, as they look very different in person then in pictures sometimes. If you need any recomendations on impala colors, count on me girl.

    • Welcome! And thank you so much!

      My first impression of Impala was excellent. I’m really excited to try other colors. If you have any favorite definitely let me know!

  7. from your posts I get that you are a sucker for blues so I’ll say get the ones from the “Trem da Vida” collection, wich are PACHWORK, DEITAR NA REDE, and ALEGRIA. For a greens I’ll say PISTACHE and VERDE PASSARO, from the collection “Disco” the color SEX APPEL and the color AZUL PAVAO. I’ve notice that on the US website they don’t have the collection “Celebrate” wich are all shimmery prismatic colors, or “Festa” wich are all cromatics goldens and silvers get your hands on them when you have the chance. If you wanna know about any others colors let me know, will be glad to help you.

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