Cover Girl Outlast Golden Opportunity

Cover Girl Golden OpportunityAdmittedly, I was pretty stoked when I found out Cover Girl was getting back into the nail polish game. When I was in college Cover Girl 3in1 polishes were my drug of choice. While a few of those polishes are still part of my current stash I really missed Cover Girl polishes.

Unfortunately, when I spotted the new Cover Girl polish display at CVS I was less than impressed by the color selection. None of them looked like anything new or different. So I passed on trying Cover Girl’s new polish line until recently. ย I found myself on a late night run to the grocery store and there was Pink on the Cover Girl Outlast display staring at me.ย I left the grocery store that night with Golden Opportunity and it didn’t disappoint!

Golden Opportunity is a super shimmery champagne gold that leans in the metallic direction. I have a difficult time finding gold polishes that flatter my skintone, but Golden Opportunity isn’t too yellow, so it worked well for me.

The formula was a little thin, so I did us 3 coats in my swatches, but it wasn’t runny or difficult to work with. Cover Girl claims that a top coat is not necessary with their Outlast polishes to I did not use a top coat. The polish dried fairly quickly to a very shiny finish and wore very well.

Overall, I was impressed with this polish and look forward to trying more polishes from Cover Girl. These retail between $5 and $6.

Below the jump are a slew of additional swatches along with pictures of the bottle and brush!

I’d love to know if you’ve tried the new Cover Girl polishes and your thoughts on the new line ๐Ÿ™‚


Cover Girl Golden Opportunity 3 Cover Girl Golden Opportunity MACRO Cover Girl Outlast Bottle Cover Girl Outlast Brush Cover Girl Outlast brush and bottle Cover Girl Outlast Bottle 2 Cover Girl Golden Opportunity 2


10 responses to “Cover Girl Outlast Golden Opportunity

  1. I’ve tried 2 different Cover Girl Outlast polishes so far and they are pretty colors on my skin and I had several compliments on the brown polish. On brown, yes plain brown and no art, but it got compliments nonetheless. My bottles do not have a color name only a number. They don’t wear very well though as both times I have had chipping and bad tip tip wear and that was only after a day or two, Neither mani lasted the 7 days as CG claims. I had to change them both after 4 days due to chips and wear, so boo for that. I usually change polishes every 5 days anyway, but that’s only due to boredom and needing a new look not because of wear and tear and out of necessity.

    • I think brown as a nail polish color doesn’t get the love it deserves!

      Golden Opportunity wore really well on me but metallic finish polishes have very different formulas. I’ll have to see how some of the creme polishes wear on me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I wore Always Autumn last week. Cindi, there are names on the labels on the bottom, but they are veeeerrrrrry tiny. Miniscule. I used Orly Bonder, one coat of the polish and Seche Vite as a topcoat. I wore it for six days with very minimal tip wear and only two very tiny chips on the sixth day.

  3. This looks a lot like Max Factor Angel Nails, which looks a lot like Essence Go Bold! Pretty polish.

  4. The bottle design looks like Chanel’s nail polish bottles! Right down to the inner cap!

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