Rimmel Speed Dating

Rimmel Speed DatingI know what you’re thinking right now. “Seriously, Alli? ANOTHER hard to find/discontinued polish!?”

But in my defense this polish is available on Amazon and well, this whole reorganizing my stash process has reminded me of some of the polishes I have that have never been on this blog!

Anyway, on to the polish! Speed Dating is a gorgeous raspberry pink with some rather sparse microglitter and a pearly finish. Just lovely. And dare I say perfect for Valentine’s Day! I did a Valentine’s Day manicure using this polish. You can get a sneak peek of it by clicking here.

Application was good. I have no real complaints. For my swatches I used three coats.

Speed Dating is from Rimmel’s long gone Lycra Wear line. It’s supposed to be a long wearing polish line and on the bottle claims this polish will wear for 10 days with no base or top coat. While I will admit this polish does wear well, I’m not sure 10 days was ever going to happen. And I did use a top coat (RUSH 60 Second High Speed top coat).

I have Pop Apricot from this same line of polishes that I also love. They were both Big Lots finds way back in 2010. I wish I had more polishes from the Lycra Wear line (or maybe Rimmel will bring them back!).

Off the top of my head I can’t think of any dupes. The microglitter and pearl finish makes this polish rather unique. If you know of any similar polishes please let me know!

As always, there are more swatches below the jump 🙂


Rimmel Speed Dating 3 Rimmel Speed Dating 2 Rimmel Speed Dating MACRO Rimmel Speed Dating 4


5 responses to “Rimmel Speed Dating

  1. I also have this one!I have not worn it in a long time, but it is pretty.These were the BEST polishes ever.I have 5- Zeitgeist being the most treasured one,but my favorite pink of all time is from this line–Portobello Pink.The others are Grey Area(my Fave gray) and Torrid.

  2. shortandsweetintexas

    I liked the Lycra Wear too! I have a black from that line which I really loved. I personally haven’t had the best luck with some of Rimmel’s other polishes, but this is a really pretty color. Perfect for V-Day!

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