Maybelline Teal the Night

Maybelline Teal the NightI’ve been dealing with a serious case of weather denial. In my head it’s warm and sunny outside. In reality it’s cold and overcast. This manicure was definitely a manifestation of the weather in my head!

Teal the Night is from Maybelline’s Spring 2011 Runway collection and has clearly been collecting dust in my Melmer for quite a while. In the process of reorganizing my stash and making a new nail polish spreadsheet I came across this polish and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Teal the Night is a green leaning blue (or, you know, teal) packed with a ton of microglitter. This polish has a glow kind of like Pixi Amazing Amethyst and SinfulColors Let’s Talk. It’s really not frosty.

The formula is quite thin so I used three coats in my swatches, but not difficult to work with.

This manicure definitely added some sunshine to my gloomy winter day. It looked cute with what I call my Florence ring. Plus, when I was wearing it, I matched my eyeliner (I used the teal shadow from the wet n wild Sparkle ‘Til Morning palette) to my nails which brightened my day even more. Even though I was probably the only one that noticed that….

As always, there are more swatches below the jump! And on a sort of related note, as I was reorganizing my nail polish stash I realized the Maybelline Express Finish bottles have gone through quite the makeover through the years. If you’re curious in the bottle evolution click here.

AlliMaybelline Teal the Night 3 Maybelline Teal the Night 2 Maybelline Teal the Night MACRO 2 Maybelline Teal the Night MACRO


6 responses to “Maybelline Teal the Night

  1. I love your nail polish spread sheet. You actually inspired me to make one several months ago and it has been so useful! I made mine a little different. It has a color section and a finish section. The finish section is where I put if it is glittery, matte, shimmer and etc. So if I am ever and to lazy to dig through my melmer and I can pick my color from my spreadsheet! Amazing.

    thanks for all the great ideas!

    • I’m so glad I inspired you to make a spreadsheet! The original version of my spreadsheet had a section for color and finish but since I’ve blogged about the vast majority of my collection I decided those categories were no longer necessary.

      Hopefully I’ll finish this new spreadsheet soon. It makes me feel so organized!

  2. This look really pretty against your snow white skin 🙂

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