OPI Number One Nemesis

OPI Number One NemesisFinally I got around to trying another polish from the OPI Amazing Spider-Man mini set!

This is a collection I wasn’t very excited about but Into the Night surprised me. I ended up loving the color which made me a bit more optimistic about the rest of the polishes in the mini set.

Number One Nemesis is a metallic graphite that has some flashes of yellow in it. The finish reminds me an awful lot of OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous and SinfulColors Winter Wonder.

The color is gorgeous but as with many metallic polishes the formula was on the thin side (though not runny). I used 4 coats in my swatches and was really happy with the results. Plus, this polish wore very well.

My initial impression of OPI’s The Amazing Spider-Man collection was definitely not correct! There are at least two polishes from the collection that are worth checking out.

As always, there are more swatches below the jump 🙂


OPI Number One Nemesis MACRO OPI Number One Nemesis 2 OPI Number One Nemesis 3


7 responses to “OPI Number One Nemesis

  1. This might be a weird compliment, but that color really compliments your skin tone!

  2. I love this color. Every time I wear this someone will comment on it and how pretty it looks on. It has a lot of sparkle and shimmer and is like polished metal, so so pretty! Can you imagine a sideswipe of a flakie or a glitter over this? I love the whole Spiderman collection but I didn’t at first, now I have all but Spotted the Lizard (HTF – sold out) and Call me Gwenever, and I always pick it up but feel like I already have a dupe of it at home so I keep putting it back, but it is a gorgeous coral/orange color. Anyway, I loooove this one! I think it’s my favorite so far of all of them.

    • This would be really pretty topped with some glitter.

      I’ve really warmed up to the Spider Man collection….now I’m sad I waited so long! I have JSTL but haven’t tried it yet. I feel like it will look terrible on me. Hopefully not!

    • Ahhh. I love Just Spotted the Lizard. It’s actually the only polish from the collection I picked up.

  3. I love shades like these! They are stunning micro glitter neutrals I think The World is Not Enough fits in with the others, too. I saw someone stamp with Number One Nemesis over a slate blue color…amazing! Beautiful swatches as usual!

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