OPI Stay the Night

OPI Stay the NightBefore I get to the point of this post I want to thank OPI. For once they put out a very useful miniset! The Mariah Carey collection miniset includes all 4 liquid sand polishes from the collection and costs $12.95. Considering the new year brought a price raise to $9 for a regular OPI polish that’s not a bad deal.

Anyway, onto Stay the Night! I spotted the Mariah Carey collection display at Ulta recently and decided to pick up the liquid sand mini set. Stay the Night was the polish I was most interested in from this collection. I have a history of loving any and all polishes with red glitter in a black base so I figured this would be no different! I was right.

Stay the Night has chunky red glitter in what starts out as a black jelly base but dries to a gritty matte not quite black finish. It’s quite the interesting process. The formula is on the thin side so I did use 3 coats but it was not hard to work with.

Once it dried I began to contemplate if I liked the finish look or not. It was definitely not love at first sight. The look was definitely different though my DIY liquid sand manicure was almost spot on texture wise. To the touch my nails felt gritty…like sandpaper.

I went on about my day and eventually fell in love with the manicure. The reason being the contrast between the matte black and the sparkling red glitter.

Over on TDV Facebook page, Elizabeth warned me that her liquid sand manicure had chipped quickly. Luckily, I didn’t have that problem, but I had a different wear issue. No more than 24 hours after I applied Stay the Night I noticed some of the red glitter wasn’t red anymore. It had turned silver…like the color had somehow stripped from the glitter. Strange. There is a picture of that below the jump.

I was curious as to whether a top coat could be worn with this polish and/or if this could be layered over another polish (since the formula is kind of thin). OPI specifically says not to use a top coat and I understand why! With a top coat this polish is really quite ugly. I also tried layering this over a black creme polish with an equally disastrous result. There are pictures of both of those debacles below the jump.

Overall, I do like this polish and am looking forward to trying the other liquid sand polishes. I’d love to hear your opinions on OPI’s liquid sand polishes!


OPI Stay the Night 2 OPI Stay the Night 3

OPI Stay the Night 4 OPI Stay the Night MACRO 2 OPI Stay the Night MACRO

24 hours of wear

24 hours of wear

With a topcoat

With a topcoat



OPI Stay the Night layered 2


29 responses to “OPI Stay the Night

  1. I’m still trying to decide how I feel about this textured nail trend. In some pictures, it looks interesting but still kind of…undesirable. And then I wonder how gritty it really feels. I think it would drive me crazy!

    Shame about the red glitter changing to silver though.

  2. shortandsweetintexas

    I’m not sure how I feel about the liquid sand look yet, in general…I like it on you though!

  3. such a cool look/color. i need to get to ulta to grab a bottle!

  4. I was trying to decide whether or not to get this..and you’ve sold me. I love the way it looks matte, shiny, and layered! I will definitely pick this up soon. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. I like the colors but I don’t think this amount of texture is something I would like. I need to see it in person. In photos it looks like a chip seal coat we used to use for our driveway and road that was asphalt!

  6. I can’t wait to get Stay the Night. It looks like what I would imagine lava turning into rock would look and other people have said it looks like rubies trapped in rocks!

  7. I don’t know. Think you could handle a pair of pantyhose without a casualty? The texture is what’s putting me on the fence more than the actual look…maybe I’m too old school to think gritty is attractive. How was it to remove? Does it dissolve at all, or just sort of crumble off? (Hard to picture it, frankly). It would definately need getting used to.

    Beachgal’s post, chip seal, now that’s funny. (Yikes, I sound like Larry the Cable Guy)

    Ps – We’re only laughing with you. ;)) Please don’t be offended. Come to think of it, it would make a truly stunning driveway…well, it would…I’m going to be quiet now…

    :)) Hugs, Nat

    • I actually wore tights when I was wearing this polish and had no issues. It really isn’t *that* rough.

      It didn’t crumble or anything. I removed it using my regular method (you can read about that here) and it came off very easily.

      This is such a new thing in nail polish I know it’s hard to wrap your head around. I had the same problem until I tried it!

  8. I love texture and am super excited about all these trends… that being said I have been stalking out OPI’s Liquid Sand vs. Zoya’s Pixie Dust, and I am loving the colors and the texture of Pixie Dust. It’s a bit finer ( like sanding sugar) and the colors are yummy. Out of all the Liquid Sand, Stay the Night was the most appealing, it’s dark without being moody and the red glitter gives it a sexy spark. Now since it’s me I have to ask… did you try a matte top coat?

    • I think a matte top coat was the only thing I didn’t try! I thought about it but was worried it would take the sparkly away from the red glitter.

    • I’m a bit more willing to get excited about Pixie Dust but Liquid Sand is not tickling my fancy.. I’m going to let this ship sail right on by 🙂

  9. I’m not a fan of the textured look…I just don’t get it. I feel the same way with crackle, caviar manis, and those fuzzy manis. Am I the only one? :S

  10. I thought the texture idea was fun, but I also figured with lots of brands coming out with these liquid sand type textures, I’d get just as sick of them as I did crackle coats, so I was happy to get all four colors in the mini size!

  11. It makes me think of lava. That’s trapped cute little animals underneath. No. Really, I just don’t think this is a trend I’ll be into at all. Of course, that will all change when I swing by Ulta again.

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