OMG Nail Strips Pink Kisses

OMG Nail Strips Pink KissesOk, I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about Valentine’s Day manicures, but HOW CUTE would this be for Valentine’s Day!? I kind of wish I had waited to wear these closer to the holiday!

Well, anyway, onto the nail strips. OMG Nail Strips is a new (at least on my radar) nail company that offers a large variety of nail strips and nail foil strips. Currently they are only available on their website (that has free shipping….to everywhere!). As I was browsing the site I was impressed not only by the large variety of different designs but the prices. The nail strips only cost $4.29 a piece.

Due to the large variety of designs I had a hard time settling on one to try. I finally picked Pink Kisses. The design has a black background with pink kisses in varying sizes. Definitely not something I could recreate myself.

For my experience with these nail strips as well as info on the packing, application and removal check below the jump.


Disclosure: The product(s) used in this post were provided to TDV for review. For more information check out our disclosure policy.


OMG Nail Strips Pink Kisses packaging

OMG Nail Strips Pink Kisses packaging 3


The packaging is a basic envelope style in a plastic sleeve with 14 nail strips. No bells and whistles here. I did find it confusing that the packaging said “French Manicure” and the name of this design was nowhere to be found. The claims on the packaging are worth noting.

  • Lasts 7 days
  • 100% brilliant shine
  • Zero drying time
  • No smudging
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • No tools necessary

OMG Nail Strips Pink Kisses strips


The first thing I noticed when I pulled the strips out of the packaging was they were all connected. I used scissors to cut them apart following the dotted line between the strips.

OMG Nail Strips Pink Kisses packaging 2



The directions for application can be found on the back of the package. It became obvious quite quickly that the directions were not originally written in English. But, minus a few grammar mistakes, they were still easy to understand (and consistent with other nail strips).

Basically, starting with clean nails, choose the appropriate sized nail strip, peel off the plastic then the nail strip. Adhere to the nail starting at the cuticle and press until the nail strip adheres to the nail. Remove the excess (I found the easiest way to do this was to use a nail file.).

Step 7 on the packaging seemed to indicate that a top coat could be used. I applied my favorite top coat making sure to seal the tips.

In general, application was easy and I have no complaints. My only complaint has to do with the design of the strip. I have shorter nails so I cut nail strips in half. These are not rounded off on both ends so I could save the other half causing there to be quite a bit of waste.

OMG Nail Strips Pink Kisses 2

OMG Nail Strips Pink Kisses 3


I was really happy with the results. Before using these I had nothing but bad luck with nail strips. I basically decided real nail polish strips were the only way to go and that nail stickers weren’t worth my time. These strips were thinner than other I’ve used and didn’t pose any of the application problems I had previously run into.

Day 5

Day 5

These stickers were on my nails for almost a full 5 days. I had no chips just minor tip wear. If I wasn’t itching to change my polish they definitely could have gone longer!

Removal was as easy as application. The directions say to soak your nails in warm water for 8 minutes. Well, after about 3 minutes I got bored and found I could peel the stickers off easily while my nails were emerged in the water. Most of the nail strips came off in one piece leaving very little residue. The residue that was left behind came off easily with a bit of nail polish remover.

OMG Nail Strips Pink Kisses MACRO


Overall, I was very happy with these nail strips. And for the most part the claims OMG Nail Strips made were true. If you use a top coat, obviously there will be SOME drying time and while maybe these can be applied with no tools, having a nail file certainly makes things alot easier. As far as these strips being environmentally friendly….I have no way to verify those claims.

That being said, OMG Nail Strips is a great resource for additional nail strip designs at lower prices then you’ll find in stores. They do holiday themed strips, as well.

I’m looking forward to trying their nail foil strips next!



10 responses to “OMG Nail Strips Pink Kisses

  1. These look and sound great! I am not big on nail apps – most look like wallpaper for nails with everything on them being just too regular in arrangement – but these I like. I would wear these more than V-Day time too…and nope, it’s not too early for thinking about V-day nails – I have been wearing pinks and all kinds of things V-day looking as a nice break from all the holiday shades – odd I usually go for nudes after holiday – but I have been sporting pinks and even some whites with some accent nails.

    • I’ve had bad luck with nail stickers until these. I’m definitely going to use my left over strips for a Valentine’s Day manicure!

      I’ve been really into purples post-holiday season. It’s nice to get out from under all the green and red polishes.

  2. Those would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  3. I’m not the biggest fan of nail stickers, but these look pretty cute. I’ll definitely consider them if I’m ever itching to try something new. :3
    As for valentine’s day designs, it’s never too early! My friend is already planning the manicure she wants me to give her and I’m always thinking about nail art, so I’m super excited too!

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  7. Alli,

    Thanks for the great review the photos and application came out awesome. We just added 40+ new designs to our nail polish strip collection if you are interested in send me an email.

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