Layla Softouch Effect 05 – Cherry Diva

Layla - CherryThis polish makes me want to curl up under a fluffy warm blanket, sit by a crackling fire, and sip hot tea. I’m not sure I’ve ever been tempted to call a polish “cozy” before… but that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Cherry Diva.

Cherry Diva is from Layla’s new Softouch line and I picked it up at ULTA a few weeks ago for $9.95. You all know I love matte and suede finish polishes so it’s no surprise that this would grab my attention!

Cherry Diva is a cozy (see, I did it again!) warm rosy pink with rock-my-world gold shimmer. I used 3 coats for my swatches. I only used a ridge filler on my stubborn middle nail, otherwise no base/top coat [as per the instructions].  The texture is hard to describe, it looks like it would be a bit gritty but it really is soft and smooth and I cannot stop touching my nails!

Don’t forget to check out Alli’s review of Golden Touch here and for more information on the Softouch Line and another swatch – check below the jump!

Happy Wednesday!




Layla Cosmetics is an Italian based company that started making waves (at least in my nail polish world) with its holographic (and magnetic) line over the summer. Layla - Cherry2

If you’d like more information on this particular line, I found this video to be really informative! The Softouch line has 12 colors and Layla claims the polish will last for 10+ days which is unheard of in the matte/suede realm- I doubt I’ll ever wear test anything that long, but I have worn Cherry Diva several times since I bought it and the longest stretch was 5 days – no chips, that’s long enough for me!

PS – I did spot a few interesting things on the Layla website: Caviar Effect & Bubbly Effect. While I can’t read Italian (we all have our flaws), I’m very anxious to learn more about these two lines!



7 responses to “Layla Softouch Effect 05 – Cherry Diva

  1. Wow! I did not know anything about the SoftTouches other than when I was off seeing the bevy of MDs getting ready for a new round of surgery followed by chemo upcoming, I finally went to my first ever ULTA store…and this 05 came home with me! It was the color in the bottle that got me. I had no idea it was a texture and no idea what it was called other than 05! No base? I always use a base…wonder why they suggest no base with this line? I am not big on texture but this one is not bugging me. It sort of feels like felt. I did put a clear topper over it because I wanted to see if there was more ‘stuff’ in there that usually you only see if you put a shinny topper over it. I think I got 5 days wear from this one and I had tip wear and chips coming off the side by day 4 but I used a base coat like I said. I picked up 2 Laylas – I had seen this brand in blogs and knew it was on my list to try but had never gone to the web to look where to buy them – I guess I assumed they were on the few good sites I knew carried the Brazilian holos – so when I saw a TINY display at this horrible Ulta store I went to , I was thrilled to find any there at all…esp considering this must have been the worst Ulta store ever – very little in stock, dirty store, dirty stock, stock all over out of place, nothing priced! I thought all this time I had been wanting to get to an ULTA and then this? I was not impressed at all. Maybe it’s kind of like Ross – if you live near one you go often and keep up on what is on sale and coupon you might end up doing well.

    • First, good luck on surgery and chemo. I imagine that has to be very difficult 😦

      I love that you grabbed the same one I did! What other Layla did you pick up?

      Sorry that you had such a bad Ulta experience – my store is only a few years old and I love it!

      I do visit Ross pretty frequently, but it’s kind of a disaster 🙂

  2. shortandsweetintexas

    I’m not a huge fan of suede finishes but I love this color! Kind of makes me want to give suede another chance…

    • Oh do! This has a lot more sparkle than you’d be used to. The finish is very strange, smooth and matte yet sparkly. I’m a big fan. Actually, last night I was thinking I kind of want every polish in this line…

  3. I am not a huge pink fan… but this color is straight up sexy… what a perfect Valentine’s mani color! I can see this with hearts in Softouch Gold…ohhh shiny! ( A matte kind of shiny…lol)
    It looks like Bubbly effect is like a whole line of OPI’s Black Spotted… very, very interesting. And after piecing together my knowledge of French and Spanish ( aren’t all Romance languages the same? lol) from what I got out of the Italian instructions, is that this is a similar set up to Ciate’s caviar. Just a lot more variety.
    Got my Julep box… loving the swatch me stickers. I think I am going to get stickers and do that to my whole collection…

    • Oh it is a perfect valentine’s day color! Thank you for making up my mind over a month in advance!

      I’m anxious to see more about the Bubbly effects – I’ve wanted OPI’s Black Spotted for… ever (or since I found out I couldn’t get it….).

      Caviar Effect could be interesting too. I wonder if Ciate will have a temper tantrum over the name 🙂

      I love the Julep stickers! I wonder how easy they are to remove – I’ll have to try one and see..

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