Katie’s Top 10 of 2012!

katietopten2Happy New Years Eve!!!

I can’t believe it’s time for a top 10 already! I really feel like I just pressed “publish” on my Top 10 from 2011! Personally, 2012 has absolutely flown by and it’s been an up and down crazy ride but all in all I’d give it a thumbs up.  Anyways, I’m really excited to share my favorites of the year with you!

Though I didn’t realize it when I was whittling down my list from 15 to 10, it seems my favorites for 2012 are for the most part filled with sparkle, shimmer, and shine – which matches my feelings on 2012, and represents my hope for a beautiful 2013. I hope you enjoy!

I’d absolutely love it if you left your Top 10 in a comment below!

Have a safe and happy New Years!


Ready for my top 10? Here we go!


OPI The Man with the Golden Gun.

OPI -Ski gunMy dream polish. I knew I had to have it as soon as I started seeing promo pics. I love it. I love it. I love it. The yellow gold flakes are a stunning way to dress up any manicure (think New Year’s Eve, ladies!) and the possibilities are endless.  Though this is well outside of my normal polish price range, I don’t regret the $30 price tag for a second.

Lex Cosmetics Acroiris (+ Alli’s Review)

Lex Cosmetics - AcroirisOne of my favorite parts about doing the top 10 is comparing lists with Alli before we post and making sure we don’t have any duplicates – this year we did and it was Acroiris. A gorgeous multisized glitter topcoat is necessary in every girl’s collection. I can’t sing the praises of Lex Cosmetics any louder – it’s a great company founded by a truly wonderful person. If there’s an indie company to try in 2013, it’s Lex. You can even create your own polish!

Sinful Colors Neptune

NeptuneAn absolute gem! Along with it’s sister in crime, Luminary, Neptune rocked my world in the spring. Sinful colors is hit or miss with me and Neptune is definitely a hit! I love that Sinful Colors have been putting on their game face lately – they’ve come out with some fantastic polishes lately – Neptune is a steal at 1.99.



Essie Good as Gold

essie - good as gold

Essie really hit it out of the park with their Mirror Metallics line! I love gold polishes and this is just a stunner. I work it quite a bit over the summer and I see this bottle getting quite a work out for months to come. No Place like Chrome earned it’s spot on Alli’s Top 10, and Good as Gold earned it’s way into my heart.



Revlon Whimsical

Revlon - Whimsical

Ah yes, the Deborah Lippman dupe for Glitter in the Air. I’m not much of a sheer polish fan and for this reason my initial review was less than stellar but I’ve come to love this polish as a way to dress up blues and greys and it’s earned it’s spot in my top 10.


OPI Just Spotted the Lizard

OPI - Lizard3Just looking at this picture makes me want to pull this polish out and put it on right this second! This multichrome Chanel Peridot dupe was the much talked about highlight (for me) of OPI’s Spiderman Collection. Perfection in a bottle. I’ll let you in on a secret: this may or may not be my #1 favorite for 2012. Shh!



Cult Nails Toxic Seaweed

Toxic Seawed - Three coats, Artificial Light.

One night on twitter I mentioned that I’d never tried any Cult polishes. Maria tweeted me and offered to send me one to try! I quickly chose Toxic Seaweed… it reminded me of my very first franken: Algae. I’ve been following Maria from well before the Cult Nails line was a reality and it’s been so wonderful to see her dream take off. She makes beautiful polishes – I have 4 in my collection and I can’t wait to add more!

OPI Danke-Shiny Red


Danke-Shiny Red was a favorite of mine from OPI’s Germany Collection. It sent me on a whirlwind love affair with reds that, months later, still continues. It’s a lovely red that glows from within – one of my favorite qualities in a polish! While it’s more of a Fall/Winter Red – I know it’ll be making an appearance in the summer months.



Julep Penelope

Julep - PenelopePenelope is the only true creme in my top 10. It’s my perfect princess pink. While Penelope’s application wasn’t as easy as Penelope’s maven box-mate, Jessica, 3-4 coats are decidedly worth it for such a beautiful, classic color.


OPI – Schnapps Out of It!

OPI - Schnapps Shimmer

Work appropriate, subtly stunning. I’m such a fan of this polish. I think it was overlooked in OPI’s Germany Collection by many but it’s easily my second favorite behind Danke-Shiny Red.  This color brings back great college memories of walking on the similarly colored brick across the Colonnade at Washington and Lee.


18 responses to “Katie’s Top 10 of 2012!

  1. Not many folks seemed to like Schnapps – I always have loved burnt oranges – I think it’s just one of those shades if you like and have always worn that shade in fashion, it just works. I was a big fan already of Up In the Air but admit, I was looking hard for the Revlon Dupe – and now darn it, they added it to their regular line up and I see it staring back at me every time I am in the drugstore now! I need to look at the Essie Mirror Metallics again – I bought the blue one and hated all the brush strokes – folks I know went nuts for the copper one right off. I am with you on Danke Shine – I love my reds and never get enough of the good ones. LOL I just pulled out I Spotted the Lizard having decided to do my NYE mani with that and something I have not figured out sponged on the tips. You took the words right out of my mouth on Sinful – I hate them most of the time for wonky brushes and watery formulas…but Cinderella was a hit for me and I fell hard for 3 shades that I had to major hunt down out of that Greek Island collection (oh and you knew the goof they made on the Neptune name right??? It’s the only one they named for the Roman god vs. the Greek god! And also like you…I went nuts soon as I saw those first photos OPI released of Man With The Golden Gun over what we came to know as Casino Royale…I use it all the time and could not get my hands on not one but 3 bottles of it fast enough (I got a friend to order it when she put in her order so I did not have to pay $30 for it)…my absolute fav to put it over so far has been OPI Tomorrow Never Dies (the purple in the Skyfall collection – only mine is super purple like royal robe velvet purple!). Great list!

    • Cinderella was okay in my book – so many coats though… I did like the Neptune name goof – oh Sinful….. 3 bottles of Golden Gun! You should keep one and ebay it!

      As far as the mirror metallics – brush stroke city, but I still loved it. I didn’t try the blue. I loved Penny Talk – there was a battle between Penny Talk and Schnapps for the final spot….

  2. I love what you have done with Whimsical. I have it and bought it because it was so unique and at the time I never heard of Deborah Lippman polish or dupes, so it was just fate that I found it. I didn’t like how sheer it was though and wasn’t impressed with it by itself even with 3 coats. But seeing how you layered it, it turned out beautiful and now I am glad I have it in my polish drawer. Schnapps out of is such a beautiful ginger color and it was one of the first of the Germany collection polishes I picked up. I have so many favorites it will be hard to narrow it down to only 10 but here’s my picks from what I own:
    Butter London Black Knight, a beautiful black polish with superfine glittery goodness that sparkles so you sit there tilting your hand this way and that in the light mesmerized by the glitter show,
    Essie Boxer Shorts – what a gorgeous pastel lavendar blue and such a rich creme polish it’s very eye catching and I got many compliments on it,
    Sinful Colors Cinderella such a pretty pastel Cinderella blue color that has shimmers in it just like Cinderella’s ball gown,
    Essie Mademoiselle because it makes natural nails look so gorgeous and is just the perfect polish for a classic french mani, or just for a nude bare nail look,
    China Glaze Cast a Spell it’s such a rich deep green that it looks black, but has gold microshimmer throughout and is simply stunning people take a second look as they realize it isn’t black at all and it’s just pretty,
    China Glaze Gothic Lolita – omg just a beautiful rich creamy orchid/purple. I love purple!
    China Glaze Up All Night , a deep dark midnight blue imagine a night sky without moonlight. Yes dark and gorgeous.
    OPI Number One Nemesis – a microglittery shimmery steely gray. You can’t stop staring at your nails with this one on. Subtle sparkles all over. Love it.
    China Glaze Fairy Dust – actually this is my 2nd bottle as I blazed through the first one. Makes any mani glitter and sparkle. What’s not to love?
    Essie Butler Please a vivid crayon blue. No shame there. Classic, creamy, rich and in your face. I used this as a base and drew on snowflakes for the most beautiful Christmas mani this year!
    Zoya Sarah is honorable mention because ZOYA has some of the prettiest shimmery microglittery polishes out there and Sarah is a pretty red and was perfect for Christmas nail art! Um and Wet n Wild Fergie Hollywood Walk of Fame because it’s a clear base with multicolored stars suspended in it. No fishing required to get them on the nails either! But anyway, those were my top ten picks from what I have. Now I know after I submit this I will remember other polishes and want to edit this, but hey they are all winners in my book! That’s why they came home with me from the store to start with 🙂

    • I love your top ten! Let me tell you, I look at Butler Please every time I see a display – I haven’t picked it up yet but I feel like it’s just a matter of time!

      I agree that Zoya has some of the most stunning, glowy, shimmery, microglitters around – you’re making me want to go dig around for some!

      BL – Black Knight I looked at a million times and really wasn’t won over by swatches I came across. I have a really awful weakness for sparkly black polish though – it’s kind of ridiculous.

      I’m glad to find some kindred Schnapps spirits in this post! Haha.. spirits… schnapps…

      Love your top ten! Thank you so much for sharing! Be sure to dig out Whimsical and try it as a layering polish! Can’t wait to see what you try!

  3. Love how you have a great selection of so many finish types! I really think that is the best photo of Spotted the Lizard- captures the color “spot” on. Also, how perfect is Ski Teal We Drop with Man with the Golden Gun? Love teal with gold. Revlon is great for dupes, I will never say no to a $5 dollar version of OPI’s Jade is the New Black (Emerald), Butter London’s Knackered (Smoldering), or Lippman’s Bad Romance ( Scandalous)…

  4. Wow, such stunning shades! I loved essie’s good as gold, but unfortunately, we don’t get essie here in India. But I am quite content to just admire your swatches 😀

    • Aww thank you so much! Have you tried Amazon for Essie? 🙂

      • Not till now. I turned 18 a few months back, and am now allowed to shop online. So I will definitely be checking out amazon, but since I can’t see the shades in person, swatches are all I rely on. How is ballet slippers? I’ve read a lot of it online but I’m not sure if it will suit me. I’m warm skintoned.

        What would you recommend?



      • Happy belated birthday!!! I haven’t tried Ballet Slippers and I don’t think either of us own it…. can you get OPI? Step Right Up seems to be VERY similar… I’ll let Alli weigh in on how it’d work with your skin tone 🙂 She has a better eye than I do 🙂

      • Ballet Slippers is pretty neutral though does lean a bit cool. If you have an olive skintone I’m not sure it’d be a great polish but otherwise it should work just fine 🙂

  5. ballet slippers is a wonderful color for a diff kick on a french mani! i used to use it all the time.. that, and marshmellow. i too an a polish Fanatic! i have over 300! lol.. i know, crazy huh! but i love colors<3 i just got turquoise and Caicos by essie and stylenomics (a dark dark green almost blackened..and i love it..i have a faves list that ide looove to share! oooh also just got paint my mojitos red by OPI,smoke and mirrors by sonia kashuk (so gorgeous) the best metallic i ever used.. and rally pretty pink by opi(a gorgeous dark purply pink with a golden duochrome. and a gorgeous sparkly topcoat called i juggle…men..and oh girls lemme tell ya im in heaven.. hahaha.. ALSO the revlon polish u showed thats a D.L dupe.. i have a black one with purple dots and glitter in it thats to die for..i gotta check the name for ya..lemme know.. xoxo

  6. ok..its called facets of fuchsia .lol

  7. one more thing.. have you ever tried the brand called–polish eh? its on etsy and its amazing!

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