Nail Art: New Year’s Eve Manicure Ideas

New Year's Eve Nail ArtI’m one of those weird people who get really excited about the new year. Part of it is I’m just happy the holiday season is over. But the other part is I just love getting dressed up and having an excuse to wear as much sparkle as possible.

Of course this translates into my nail look of the evening. I wanted to do some very literal New Year’s nail art this year so they all include 2013.

I had alot of fun doing these! I’d love to know which is your favorite and what you plan to do (or what you did…) for your New Year’s manicure!



New Year's Eve Manicure

New Year's Eve Manicure 2 New Year's Eve Manicure MACRO New Year's Eve Manicure bottlesThis was a manicure I did back in the middle of December but I get so excited about New Year’s I just can’t wait until after Christmas! I mean…I was so excited I even posted a picture I took on my phone over on TDV Facebook page!

This one is the least sparkly of the ones I did. I used Layla Golden Touch as a base then used a toothpick and wet n wild Tangled in My Web for the design.  I took individual pieces of glitter and wrote out the 2013, NYE and added a champagne glass for good measure. It was a bit of work but I absolutely loved the result! Oh, I almost forgot to add, I filled the champagne glass using Love & Beauty Tinsel Town.

New Year ManicureNew Year Manicure 3 New Year Manicure 2 New Year Manicure MACRO New Year Manicure bottlesOk. This is definitely the manicure that’s the most fun! And it was super easy. I used Maybelline Black Onyx as a base. Used a toothpick and Love & Beauty Tinsel Town to write 2013 on the ring finger then took silver craft glitter to make the other nails SUPER sparkly! If you want more info on how to do glitter nails with loose glitter you can check out my DIY Glitter Nails post 🙂

NYE Manicure 2 NYE ManicureI am so sad that this manicure REFUSED to photograph properly! Funny enough, there is a better picture I took with my phone on TDV Facebook page. The lights in my lightbox just washed out the 2013. But, I wanted to post it anyway, because it looks truly fabulous in person. This is a throw back to my New Year’s Eve manicure from 2010. I used the exact same polishes!

For the base I used China Glaze Grape Pop then topped that with a coat of Sephora by OPI Too Good For Him (side note: there are a TON of dupes for this polish including SinfulColors Frenzy). Again, I used Love & Beauty Tinsel Town and a toothpick to write out the 2013.


14 responses to “Nail Art: New Year’s Eve Manicure Ideas

  1. I am so excited for new years as well and have been trying out different ideas on fake nails. These are all gorgeous

  2. Sooo cute! Thanks for sharing the ideas 🙂 Loving the silver design!

  3. I love how you wrote 2013 on your nails! Hope you won’t mind if I steal your idea! 🙂

  4. These are all amazing! *swoons*

  5. I like the gold one the best – I can see it the most clearly and it’s looking to me right now like it might be easy to do. I also like NY – I like the end of all the college football games -even though lots are not played on Jan 1 anymore. I grew up in the LA area (on the beach) and had friends/relatives who lived in the area of the Rose Parade so it was never anything big to go up and see it or at least to look at floats getting made or after the parade on display. I also have been to more Rose Bowl games than I can count (family had season tickets to USC games so they always got options to buy Rose Bowl tickets before general public sales and this was before the cost for these events was through the roof). I also liked the days of no gifts – low key things ’round home for NYday – and all the munching foods we always had – a fab Swedish bread, several cold salads, ham, turkey (not deli but home made), mom made a great crab dip that everyone loved.

    • Since I’m from the south New Year’s for me always means black eyed peas and collard greens. It’s always interesting hearing what other people do on holidays 🙂

  6. Crazy dedication to place all those glitters for the gold mani! Came out super crisp and graphic. I love the silver glitter one as well… took me 35 min to foil off my glitter index finger… trials of being fashionable…lol. I also love the purple combo. amazing job!!!

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