Layla Softouch Effect 02 Golden Touch

Layla 02 Golden TouchThis is by far the most unusual nail polish I have used in a long time. I didn’t really know what to expect when Layla described their Soft Touch Effect polishes as a matte finish polish that had a soft texture. For the life of me I couldn’t wrap my head around a nail polish having a soft texture. So to say the least I was excited to give this polish a try!

Golden Touch is a shimmery yellow gold polish that absolutely reminded me of champagne in the bottle. The formula was a bit thin but not runny. I used three coats in my swatches.

Once I applied the polish it did dry to a matte finish but it wasn’t flat. The base of the polish was matte but the shimmer was still reflective.

After the polish had dried I quickly became fascinated with the texture. I’m not even sure how to describe it. The polish had sort of a felt feel to it. It definitely felt soft. Which is not a word I thought I’d ever use to describe nail polish!

While I really liked this polish and I’m definitely going to try other Soft Touch Effect polishes from Layla unfortunately this particular color isn’t the best for my skintone.

I was curious to know what this polish would look like with a top coat so that is below the jump.

A note: Layla claims despite this being a matte polish it will wear for 10-15 days. Considering my experience with other matte polish I was, to say the least, skeptical. I wore Golden Touch for several days without any chipping which is amazing considering I can’t get through 24 hours without a major chip with most matte polishes, but I can’t speak to whether this polish would last upwards of 15 days.

For more info on Layla check out my post on Oh My Red.

Anyway, make sure to check out the additional swatches below the jump!


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Layla 02 Golden Touch 3 Layla 02 Golden Touch 2 Layla 02 Golden Touch MACRO Layla Soft Touch

Layla 02 Golden Touch Top coat

With Top Coat

Layla 02 Golden Touch top coat MACRO

With Top Coat

10 responses to “Layla Softouch Effect 02 Golden Touch

  1. I can see the felt texture well in your photos. I just don’t know how I feel about textures since glitter even bugs me…I wear it but I cannot seem to get past the fact there is something there on my nails. I also am a huge fan of shinny – I have suedes and mattes and always end up after 24 or sooner putting a clear shinny coat over them. I just got my first 2 Layla polishes – had no idea that Ulta sold them or I would have ordered some on line that I had fallen hard for in photos. But when out of town 3 weeks ago for yet another cancer check up with this big huge hospital I go to now for docs and treatments, I found my way to my very first Ulta ever. They did not have many on their Layla display…but I got 2 shades I had never seen swatches for. Gotta love their polish if for no reason but their co. name is such a fav song of mine from Eric Clapton.

    • I definitely liked Oh My Red (a Layla polish I tried with a normal shiny finish) but this was just so unusual! It’s so hard to find unusual in polish nowadays.

  2. I am typically not a gold fan, but this color is more muted than brassy. I like the look of it, definitely worth checking out to see how long it really does last…

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  4. I love it! Ironically I’m drinking champagne right now and it does look right on! 🙂 Where did you get the polish? I’ve never seen a Layla anywhere.

  5. Duh! I realized one of the 2 Layla’s I bought is from the Soft Touch collection – I have not worn it yet – but put a drop on a white paper that I keep with swatches of any new polishes I get…mine is called just 05 – I guess they have names on the display? I need to go to their web site and find the name so I can put something other than 05 in my database…it’s pretty. In the bottle looks like it’s light berry with gold – on it’s much lighter and goes into kind of a terra cotta (like your garden pots) color only with a touch of rose to it and not as orange as terra cotta with tons of gold in it…will be curious to see if they come off easy or if it’s like glitters getting it off. I have to look around on line as no where has Laylas – the 2 I have I got from a first time only I went to an Ulta store when I was out of town getting seen for my up coming surgery and chemo – not my idea of how to start 2013 but gotta look at it all as positive…

    • Funny enough, Katie reviewed 05 (which is Cherry Diva) just today!

      I didn’t have any trouble removing this polish. Nothing like dealing with a glitter polish!

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