China Glaze Emerald Sparkle (+ Christmas Polka Dots)

China Glaze Emerald SparkleOh Emerald Sparkle. This polish is a legend. And for good reason! Despite my hesitance to pick it up in the first place, I have to agree with the nail polish community at large that this polish was worth the craze.

Emerald Sparkle is a forest green jelly packed with larger green glitter. It’s the perfect green glitter for Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve worn it for both!

The formula is average taking into consideration the jelly base. I used three coats in my swatches.

There is alot of confusion surrounding this polish. Similar to OPI My Private Jet, there are multiple versions of this polish. I know I don’t have the original version (I purchased this in March of 2010) but otherwise I don’t have a clue what version I have.

This was originally part of China Glaze’s Holiday 2008 Sleigh Ride collection so it’s only appropriate that I used it for my Christmas Eve manicure. For all the details on that check below the jump!



China Glaze Emerald Sparkle 3 China Glaze Emerald Sparkle 2 China Glaze Emerald Sparkle MACRO


Christmas Polka Dots 4I always host Christmas Eve dinner for my family at my house. I inherited the honor from my grandmother and since she always made the entire meal from salad to dessert from scratch I try to honor her memory in a sense and do the same thing.

This poses a problem in terms of having a fabulous manicure come dinner time. I planned on wearing a red dress so I wanted to do a green manicure. Emerald Sparkle wears incredibly well so I decided to use it as a base. I used one of my DIY dotting tools and added white and red polka dots with Ulta Snow White and JulieG Sunset Kiss.

I adored the way this manicure turned out! I was even more excited when I realized it matched my Christmas china.

Christmas Polka Dots 3 Christmas Polka Dots 2 Christmas Polka Dots



8 responses to “China Glaze Emerald Sparkle (+ Christmas Polka Dots)

  1. Pretty

  2. I had not heard until now there were multi colors of Emerald Sparkle…now I need to go off and do a search to see if I can figure out which one I have. Mine is brighter than forest I would say but it’s not as bright as crayola green, it’s still darker but the glitter/shimmer in it is brighter green than the base part. It’s a darling of my collection too. I am thinking with emerald going to be the it shade for 2013, we might be wearing it more than just holiday and St. Patty’s day this coming yr…I hope so since it’s really a beauty. Good for you doing your dinner from scratch…those are the best ones..the left overs cannot be beat.

    • When I first heard the 2013 color of the year was emerald I immediately thought of this polish! I do hope we’ll be getting more use out of this polish this year.

      I love cooking so it’s fun. But so exhausting!

  3. I did look up this one and found Scraggie has photos of the good and bad versions…I can clearly see I have the good one. Mine looks just like her good version. I am thinking yours is the good one too as yours does not look lighter and kind of muddy like the ‘bad’ version. Now I am thinking I should get a back up bottle..I would hate to ever be without this amazing green.

    • I think there are more than 2 versions. Mine seems to be somewhere in between the “good” and “bad” versions.

      I do wish polish companies wouldn’t do stuff like this. It’s so confusing!

  4. where did u get this nail polish from…and is it still available?

    • I got my bottle from a Sally Beauty Supply store. I’m not sure if this is part of China Glaze’s permanent line but it is available on Amazon 🙂

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