Zoya Edyta

Zoya EdytaAt this point it must have been over two years ago when I walked into Ulta to see they had started carrying Zoya. I was super excited because in high school I was a Zoya devotee. Well, 2 years later, and this is still the only Zoya polish in my collection. Go figure!

Originally from the Wicked and Wonderful collection, Edyta is a gorgeous blackened olive green packed with gold microglitter. The finish of this polish, which reminds me a bit of Hard Candy Mr. Wrong,  is almost metallic. Absolutely gorgeous and quite complex. I definitely forgot how much I loved this polish.

Because of the metallic finish the formula is a bit on the thin side. I used 3 coats in my swatches and was happy with the color.

Considering how much I love this polish it begs the question why don’t I have more Zoya polishes in my collection? Honestly, I think it’s the names. I’m a sucker for fun or descriptive names. Ridiculous, but true!

Anyway, I think this is a perfect Christmas Eve manicure. Green is a greatly underappreciated (I think I just made that word up…) holiday manicure option.

Below the jump there are more swatches plus a couple of pictures of the Edyta spoon (if you’re unfamiliar with Zoya spoons you can read more about them here. I’m personally not a fan. This polish looks significantly better on my nails than on the spoon which is why I included the below pictures).


Zoya Edyta 3 Zoya Edyta 2 Zoya Edyta MACRO

Zoya Edyta Spoon MACRO Zoya Edyta Spoon


9 responses to “Zoya Edyta

  1. I need to pull this one and wear it again – I also have forgotten about how pretty it is…with green going to be the ‘it’ shade for 2013, I ready to rock a variety of greens after holiday. This is really good because you can wear it for holiday but it is not one that screams holiday which other than a few manis is where my tastes have run this year for my manis through the season..now the toes that no one is been seeing… I have been doing the full on Christmas everythings on!

  2. Is the removal for this polish particularly difficult? I had read on another blog that she had issues with removal…which has partly kept me away from wearing it yet. It is such a gorgeous, mysterious green though.

  3. I love this one – I regret not picking it up – it looks so pretty on you!

  4. This reminds me of China Glaze’s Cast a Spell from the Halloween collection. I love this color. You just created a lemming for me. gawh…. and my list was finally down to 1 polish. And it’s permanent? That means I will have a chance to find this. Yay!
    I love Zoya colors and formulas but I hate the names, so stupid. They do need cute little names that make you remember them. Like OPI’s Ut-Oh roll down the window, you just know without looking what shade that must be. IT does make me laugh and say Ewwwww. Too bad Zoya can’t be more imaginative with the polish names too.
    So yea, I still can’t find Zoya Storm and Zoya Ziv. My ULTA never got the holiday collection in. But I love that green you’ve got on!

    • This does sort of look like Cast a Spell. I didn’t even think of that!

      I really do think names are important. Nail polish is all about fun and cute names add to the fun!

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