OPI – The Man with the Golden Gun

OPI -Ski gunIt’s finally mine! I own The Man with the Golden Gun! As soon as I saw this promo shot of The Man with the Golden Gun I knew it had to be mine.

The Man with The Golden Gun is a limited edition release from OPI’s Skyfall collection. I have to admit…the hefty price tag of $30 did have me on the fence for a while and my bank account was grateful that my ULTA didn’t seem to have it in stock whenever I went by. But it seems fate meant for me to have it, I stopped into ULTA to pick up a few gifts several weeks ago and there was one box left.

The polish is gorgeous and I wore it over Ski Teal we Drop for a week with plenty of compliments along the way. The 18k yellow gold flakes are stunning. I used two coats for this look. It did take some careful application to get tOPI - Golden Gunhe placement just right.

Alternatives: If you can’t find The Man with the Golden Gun, you can try ZOYA’s Gilty Pleasures for $35 (or a trio for $45), Sephora by OPI It’s Real for $30 (currently on sale for $15!),  or ROCOCO’s Gold Leaf Lacquer which retails for $48. If those price tags are to steep, try picking up some gold leaf at a craft store and follow Alli’s DIY tutorial. What sold me on OPI over the ZOYA and Sephora by OPI version was the bottle, I love it.

Can’t wait to hear what you think!



7 responses to “OPI – The Man with the Golden Gun

  1. I also knew I had to have this one when OPI started to show the photos of it over Casino Royale. I got really lucky and bought mine way under retail from a friend who put in her order with her vendor. I think I paid $15 which still is heavy for me to pay. I have the one by Zoya as well to (was among the lucky ones who got it in the first release before it sold out in 1 day). I like the base the OPI is in better than the Zoya one. I also think I like the size of the pieces of OPI over Zoya. Both have to be dabbed on to get them in the right places but that’s not a bother to me. I only recently got to go into an ULTA for the very first time. None are in my area for about 300 miles. Have to say I was really sad. The Ulta I was in was a mess, most things were not priced and I had to be browsing and always have to ask how much something is. They never know and off they go and I have to wait where I am for them to find me again. So many of the items were in wrong places where customers carried them and left them. I am curious if all Ultas are that messy. I expected it to be just like Sephora only with some drug store lines. So glad you ran into this one and picked it up. VERY surprised they had any. I have heard tails of it being sold out within 1 hr of it being put out on display in most stores. I have seen pretty goofy inflated prices for it on the secondary market. Uuummmhhh – maybe I need to sell one of the extras I have!

    • Awww! That sounds like a disaster of an Ulta visit!! I’m so sorry! It’s never been that way for me!

      I say definitely sell an extra! I’m glad you’ve tried both the ZOYA and the OPI now I feel much more secure about my selection 🙂

      I just love it!

  2. Oh and BTW oif you have the OPI shade Tomorrow Never Dies (the purple/blue) it’s stunning with Man With The Golden Gun over it. I think so far that’s my fav look using it.

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