Layla Ceramic Effect CE-40 Oh My Red

Layla Ceramic Effect CE-40 Oh My RedLast weekend was crazy! I had 4 parties to attend in 24 hours ranging from a one year old’s birthday party to holiday cocktails. I was definitely in need of a nail polish that wouldn’t clash with any of my 4 outfits yet could look festive and not so festive all at the same time. A red creme seemed to be the answer to my nail polish conundrum.

Oh My Red is a classic red creme with just the slightest brown undertones. The brown undertones warm up the color a bit and make it perfect for this time of year.

This is the first Layla nail polish I have ever tried so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Layla claims that a base coat is not necessary with this polish and due to the polish having “a special density” it leaves the nails smooth and shiny. I was intrigued!

The formula is fantastic. Oh My Red could easily be a one coater, though I did use two in my swatches. I was also pleased by the drying time considering I didn’t use a top coat. The polish dried to a very shiny finish.

This also wore very well. I did my nails Thursday night and wore this through yesterday afternoon with very little tip wear and zero large chips.

My only complaint is the red polish did stain my nails a bit. Layla claims you don’t need to use a base coat so I wanted to give it a whirl (even though I know better!) but in the future I will definitely be using a base coat.

Ok, when I said I had only one complaint I was wrong! Although, this isn’t really a complaint, just kind of annoying, but the name of the nail polish isn’t on the bottle. There is a number on the top that allowed me to figure out that the name was Oh My Red but I do wish the bottles had the names on them.

Layla nail polishes are available at Ulta and They retail for around $10.

There are more swatches below the jump!


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Layla Ceramic Effect CE-40 Oh My Red MACRO

Layla Ceramic Effect CE-40 Oh My Red 3 Layla Ceramic Effect CE-40 Oh My Red 2


7 responses to “Layla Ceramic Effect CE-40 Oh My Red

  1. I just got my first 2 bottles of Layla too…picked em up when I flew off to a HUGE city for medical and finally managed to get to an Ulta for my very first time! This one looks lovely. Good try going without a base coat but I don’t ever go without one even if I am putting on a sheer. My polish never works as well no matter the brand without 1 of my 2 fav base coats. Orly Nail Armor is my go to. When I wear it I never get any staining, no matter how red or how blue or how whatever the pigment is in the polish. Also my nails stay stronger with it on. The Layla’s picked up were not from the traditional colors like this one – but maybe I need to pick up one next time I can get to an Ulta, have to admit, I was bit by the Ulta bug finally getting to do into one despite the one I went to was kind of messy with product all out of place throughout the store.

    • I knew not using a base coat was a bad idea but I like to test out company’s claims otherwise I feel like I can’t give a full and accurate review. Sometimes I pay for it!

      Oh man….the first time I went to Ulta I was in heaven. I could have died and been happy!

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