OPI Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow

OPI Here Today...Aragon TomorrowI can’t be the only one that was at a time completely obsessed with The Tudors, right? Well, recently I won a small battle with the boy and got him to start watching the series (thank you Netflix!). It has been great to revisit the series and it is as fabulous as I remember it. The only problem I seem to be having is literally every time someone talks about Catherine of Aragon my mind drifts to this nail polish. It was becoming a problem so finally I dug it out of my stash and gave it a wear.

Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow is nothing like what I was picturing in my head. It’s probably been close to 3 years since I’ve worn this polish and I do think Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow SUEDE was clouding my judgement.

Originally released as part of OPI’s Fall 2009 La Coleccion De España (aka Spain collection), Here Today….Aragon Tomorrow is a brown based green shimmer that I really want to call a creme because the shimmer is basically undetectable in anything but direct sunlight and flash photography. In most lights this does look basically black. When the Spain collection was released this polish was a BIG deal. Previously, OPI hadn’t really ventured into the green nail polish territory (now, of course, that is a normal occurrence!).

This polish doesn’t have the best formula. I used 3 coats in my swatches and in high light some bald spots are noticeable.

To this day, Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow is still my favorite polish from OPI’s Spain collection so I’m happy OPI decided to add it to their permanent line (it’s even part of their GelColor line).

I must wonder where my mind will go now every time Henry treats poor Catherine of Aragon badly. There’s always another nail polish around the corner to occupy my thoughts!

There are more swatches below the jump 🙂



OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow 4 OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow MACRO OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow 2 OPI Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow 3


12 responses to “OPI Here Today…Aragon Tomorrow

  1. I had it and sold it bad thing now I want it back

  2. I adore this color! I wore it for like six months straight when it first came out. Can’t wait to try it again in gel…

  3. Try it with a gold flakie top coat (my fave is Essie’s As Gold As It Gets). Looks like a holiday wreath.

  4. I can’t believe you’ve had this polish for 3 years! I’ve never had a polish last that long without drying out. I store my polishes in a Rubermaid organizer with 3 small drawers. I usually just throw them in there, so they’re stored on their sides. I’ve seen your posts about your Melmer (sp?). Do you think polishes last longer when they’re stored upright?

    • I’ve never had a polish completely dry out on me. But, if you add some nail polish thinner to your dried out polishes it should revitalize them and make them like new!

      I honestly don’t know if being stored upright helps. Keeping them in a dark, cool place does though.

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