OPI Merry Merry

OPI Merry MerryI used to be obsessed with this polish for one reason. It matched my purse at the time perfectly. For some reason that just really amused me. But since then I’ve gone through (many) purses and I still love this nail polish. This polish was an OPI holiday exclusive in 2007 and has held a special place in my stash ever since.

Merry Merry is a fuchsia almost jelly packed with a ton of flaky microglitter. Absolutely gorgeous. And the application is good too. Because it has a jelly feel to it I did use 3 coats but that’s all it took.

This is basically a more pink version of Don’t Toy With Me. Because this has more pink I think it’s a more appropriate year around polish where as Don’t Toy With Me feels very holiday.

Just a note…this looks significantly more pink in the sun (as you can see here).

Sadly, I don’t know any dupes for this. So if you have any dupe ideas please let me know!

Make sure to check out the swatches below the jump 🙂


OPI Merry Merry 3

OPI Merry Merry 2 OPI Merry Merry 4 OPI Merry Merry MACRO


3 responses to “OPI Merry Merry

  1. Like you, I adore this shade too. It’s up there with a # of these pink, kind of fuchsia shades that OPI has done but are not the brights for summer that most think of when talking fuchsia. I have played with others close to it but not found any exact dupes…Don’t Toy With me is deeper (but I love it too), Meep, Meep (Muppets OPI 2011) is kind of in there but the specks in MM bug me, they are like shards of plastic something. Then The One That Got Away is a little like this (Katy Perry Jan 2011) – it’s brighter but many were comparing it to Don’t Toy With Me and I admit the 2 are super close thou I think The One That Got Away has more pink in it than Don’t Toy With Me. Since I don’t have any back up bottle to Merry Merry I have looked a lot for close matches to it. Love that you got hooked on this one not just because it’s a beauty but it matched a purse at that time!!!

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