wet n wild Wild Shine Head in the Clouds

wet n wild Wild Shine Head in the CloudsHate is such a strong word but the only one I can think of to describe my feelings about this nail polish. HATE!

Head in the Clouds is a frosty/metallic green leaning light aqua. I don’t have any issues with the color. It’s quite nice. The formula though….terrible! It’s very thin. I used 4 coats in my swatches. But the thin formula wasn’t the biggest issue. It was the constant bubbles. No matter what I did I could not apply this polish without a ton of bubbles.

And if all that wasn’t a nightmare enough…the brush strokes. So many brush strokes!

I have absolutely nothing positive to say about this nail polish which makes me a bit sad. I usually have amazing luck with wet n wild’s Wild Shine line so this is definitely an anomaly.

There are more swatches of this tragic manicure below the jump.


wet n wild Wild Shine Head in the Clouds 2

wet n wild Wild Shine Head in the Clouds MACRO


8 responses to “wet n wild Wild Shine Head in the Clouds

  1. I don’t think I would really like this shade on me – but with the thin formula I really would not like it. That said, oddly (and have heard this from others in various areas of the US) Wet N Wild is not sold where I live. It used to be a main stay with gobs of their products in even mom and pop drug stores. Back even before 2007 when dept stores started to close large portions of their chains, some went out totally, we lost all of W&W brand in our area. I think FL also has this same thing too, but not sure. I never depended on their polishes because they were often iffy with the formula and their shades were pretty ordinary. Now I see a lot of fun shades in lower cost polishes. I do like the way this shade looks on you. Surprised as it leans frost and i don’t typically like frosts esp when they have silver and.or white in them.

    • I love WnW! I’d be so sad if stores around me stopped carrying it!

      This polish is definitely outside my normal polish parameters but I do like it…in theory.

  2. Too bad- I love that color but not enough to deal with all that. LOL
    Do you think there is a dupe out there or a color similar?

  3. Not quite a dupe but the same feel…I like American Apparel’s Smoke Dazzle. Even though you weren’t loving the color, you still managed a neat mani 🙂 When it comes to sheer frosts I put a base coat of matte top coat, it helps to tame the streaks.

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