OPI Don’t Toy With Me

OPI Don't Toy With MeThis is a polish I had completely forgotten about until I was looking through some old pictures of a visit to Richmond. There was a picture of me and all I could look at was my nails! Of course Katie and I began to investigate and we came to the conclusion that it was OPI Don’t Toy With Me from their 2008 Holiday in Toyland collection. I immediately pulled it out of my Melmer and put it on!

Don’t Toy With Me is a gorgeous dark but not too dark red packed with tons of red and magenta microglitter. Despite all the microglitter it is nowhere near frosty. This polish just glows on the nail. Perfect for the holidays!

Application was wonderful. I used two coats in my swatches. It also wears beautifully.

This makes me miss when OPI did real holiday collections aka collections not based on a movie. Polishes from those collections are some of my favorites!

Sadly OPI did not add this to their permanent line but it is available on Amazon. Also, Pure Ice Iced Merlot is a very, very close dupe.

Make sure to check out the swatches below the jump!



OPI Don't Toy With Me 4OPI Don't Toy With Me 5OPI Don't Toy With Me 2OPI Don't Toy With Me 3


6 responses to “OPI Don’t Toy With Me

  1. I love the Toyland collection. I had taken a bit of a hiatus from buying a ton of polish for about 4 yrs prior to this release in 2008. I always tried to look at the OPI holiday collections every year and this one sure caught my eyeballs. There are about 4-5 in this collection that are still favs of mine. For eons my fav winter go to red cream was from this collection Little Red Wagon – total perfection – that is until a bottle of it broke on my off white bedroom carpet! UGH – it’s still there with an area rug over it! I have to pull this one out when I get back home. Am out of town on medical getting ready for more chemo and surgery..too pooped to even hit up all the stores that are here and loaded I am sure with polish.

    • It’s funny you mention spilling Little Red Wagon because I spilled Merry Merry on a pair of my favorite lounge pants and still wear them to this day!

  2. Oh my gosh, how quick did I head over to Amazon to buy this polish after reading your post! 🙂 So gorgeous!

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