Sally Hansen GEM crush Lady Luck

Sally Hansen GEM crush Lady LuckThe Sally Hansen GEM crush line hit stores over a year ago. While the display looked lovely as did the polishes I never tried any of the them. They are a bit pricey for drugstore glitter polishes so when I saw Sally Hansen had a mini set called Happy Manicure for just $4.99 out for the holidays I decided to give the line a shot.

The set includes 4 mini GEM crush polishes; Big Money, Be-Jeweled, Bling-tastic and Lady Luck. In the bottle Lady Luck looked to be the most perfect holiday glitter there ever was. With the holidays just around the corner I decided to try Lady Luck first.

Lady Luck is dark pink leaning red and larger sparse holographic glitter suspended in a clear base. Sally Hansen claims polishes from this line are full coverage glitters so I was expecting fairly dense glitter. As it turns out….the formula isn’t overly dense but does provide full coverage in 3 coats.

Despite being a full coverage glitter polish I don’t love this polish on its own. It eats top coat like crazy. Even after several thick coats of clear polish the finish was still rough and not as shiny as I’d like. Due to this I will be using this polish only as a top coat in the future.

As always there are more swatches blow the jump (make sure to check out the macro shot…it’s gorgeous!).



Sally Hansen GEM crush Lady Luck 4Sally Hansen GEM crush Lady Luck MACROSally Hansen GEM crush Lady Luck 2Sally Hansen GEM crush Lady Luck 3


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