OPI Gift Cards for Everyone!

OPI Gift Cards for Everyone!Today I have for you the third and final polish from this year’s OPI Ulta holiday exclusive mini set; Stuff My Stocking. This hasn’t been my favorite holiday mini set. My all time favorite set is the Holi-Daze set from 2010 though I did like 2011’s Deck Your Nails set as well. Unfortunately this year’s set just didn’t live up to those of the past. Last Minute Shopper isn’t anything special though admittedly is a nice magenta/red and Skip the Gift Wrap is a really frosty green that I just didn’t like. I kind of thought Gift Cars for Everyone! would save the day. It’s rare I run across a dark purple I don’t love. Sadly, I don’t love this one.

Gift Cards for Everyone is a blackened purple with sparse blue microglitter. Sounds gorgeous. Looks gorgeous going on the nail. And then….it’s not so gorgeous. Once this polish dries the blue microglitter that would make this polish unique in the overpopulated land of almost black purple polishes almost disappears completely. Sad.

That being said…there is nothing wrong with this polish. It’s just kind of there. Application was fine (I used three coats) and it wore wonderfully.

I can now definitely say there is no reason to run out to purchase this Stuff My Stocking mini set.

There are more swatches below the jump.



OPI Gift Cards for Everyone! 2OPI Gift Cards for Everyone! MACROOPI Gift Cards for Everyone! 3


11 responses to “OPI Gift Cards for Everyone!

  1. Love this one. I am in a big mega city for 2 weeks this month – hope to find my way to the ULTA that still is about 40 mins drive in major traffic from where I will be. I cannot think much will be left when I am back in that area the week before Xmas.

    • I went to the Ulta near me just a few days ago and they still had a ton of these mini sets (despite them being on sale Black Friday…) so there is hope!

  2. Quick question and it’s OT, is the blog snowing or am I being hacked? Scared the dickens out of me!

    I like this color. Reminds me of Sally Hansen Purple Pulse but darker.

    • It’s totally snowing! I forgot WordPress does that every year. I was rather shocked when I saw it just now!

      And you’re right….it does look a bit like Purple Pulse. I love that polish 🙂

  3. Ohh i looove that color. what a purple dream!!!

  4. Food, Fash, Fit

    I love your macro photography! And your nails are soooo neat… Very impressive!

  5. I was wanting to know the color code for the gift cards for everyone

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