NYC Starry Silver

NYC Starry SilverLately I’ve been rediscovering NYC as a brand. Flat Iron Green is one of my favorite fall colors and what I used to do my DIY Liquid Sand manicure. Thanks to NYC I’ve also fallen in love (for the first time ever) with a crackle polish! It’s a brand that doesn’t get much attention in the nail polish community but I think it should.

If you caught my post over on The Daily Varnish Extra then you already know that I picked up Starry Silver during one of Rite Aid’s 40% off NYC sales. This polish is from NYC’s $.99 line so to say the least I got it for a steal. The only other polish I’ve tried from the Long Wearing line is Times Square Tangerine so I didn’t really know what to expect from Starry Glitter. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised!

Starry Silver has 4 types of glitter suspended in a clear base; small and medium sized silver glitter and blue and light purple chunky glitter. The glitter is rather sparse. I used 3 coats in my swatches and as you can see, it’s not really wearable on its own.

Below the jump there are swatches where I used this over Ulta Snow White. I was in love with that manicure. Seriously. I did it for a Saturday night out and ended up wearing it several days.

I’m excited to try this over other colors (or just wear it over white again….I’m obsessed). When I posted a picture of this polish in the bottle Christal pointed out this was a dupe for Sally Hansen Ice Queen (and less expensive!). So if you  don’t have access to NYC cosmetics in your area there is another option.

Many more swatches below the jump!



NYC Starry Silver 4NYC Starry Silver 2NYC Starry Silver 3


NYC Starry Silver MACRO

NYC Starry Silver Ulta Snow White


NYC Starry Silver Ulta Snow White 3

16 responses to “NYC Starry Silver

  1. I have NYC Starry Silver and I love it! Alli, you have lovely nails. Did you write a post on how you take care of them? If not could you please? Also, do you have an Instagram? Whenever I upload my recent polished nails, I’d like to tag you. :]

  2. I have several NYC shades that I love. I agree it’s really under appreciated! Especially for the price! Definitely want to try this one it’s lovely!

  3. Nice post….
    I blogged this polish too! It’s pretty great for only $1 !

  4. Fresh, cool, and sparkily! What a fab winter mani! This proves that you don’t have spend a lot to look great.

  5. That’s really pretty – it’s festive, but not too obvious (like red, or gold)! Not that there’s anything wrong with those colours of course!

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