NYC Crack Me Up Crackling Effect Top Coat Broadway Smash

I can’t count the number of times I’ve said on this blog “I’m so over crackle/ fracture/ shatter/ whatever you want to call it polish!!!!”. Well, here I am once again eating my own words. Turns out I’m not really over crackle, I just didn’t have the right crackle polish.

While I was browsing the beauty section at my favorite Target store several weeks ago I spotted (what seemed to be new…) NYC Crack Me Up crackling effect top coat. My initial reaction went something like “seriously NYC?”. But then I looked at the offers a bit more closely and fell in love with Broadway Smash. Well, at least the color. It looked beautiful in the bottle! Since the polish only cost $.99 I decided to give it a try.

Broadway Smash is a beautiful purple leaning blue creme. I love this kind of color (and I owe that to Lindsay Lohan….really). I decided to use this over a plain white polish (Ulta Snow White). I applied a fairly thick coat of Broadway Smash and ended up really liking the results.

It was refreshing to find a crackle polish I actually liked. Go figure it was the least expensive one I’ve tried!

There is little to  no information about this top coat on the web so I can only assume this is a new product that hasn’t hit many stores yet.

Are you totally over crackle (and think I’m totally crazy for actually liking this nail polish….) or are you still open to the idea of using a crackle top coat? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

As always, there are more swatches below the jump.

12 responses to “NYC Crack Me Up Crackling Effect Top Coat Broadway Smash

  1. I actually still like crackle (go figure). I usually do it just on my ring finger…like right now my nails are all black with the exception of the ring finger which is hot pink with black crackle as the topcoat. I do LOVE this color you posted. Never tried NYC crackle; I will now.

  2. Never tried Crackle nailpolish and never been the one to “ooh and awwe” when I see one. But NYC Crack Me Up had me at hello and cheap lol! Plus my favorite color is blue! I need to find this and a gold polish as a base coat. Now I am really “oohn & awwen”!

  3. I have never been a big fan of crackle, but I do own a few… My 14 year old gets quite a bit of use out of them 🙂 This one is really pretty though. I may just have to go out & get it. NYC always surprises me. I bought their matte topcoat for $1.72 at Walmart & it works awesome.

  4. Hahahaha, I actually saw these today at Target. I was going to pick this one and the gold one up for my mom, but I put them down because I wanted to look up swatches. Then I come home and this is in my reader. Hilarious. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m not really the biggest fan of crackles but if I see a cool color I make sure to pick it up because I know my mom loves them. She loves that she can get a cool look without having to ask me to do nail art or stamping for her. I’ll make sure to trek back to Target and pick them up for her.

  5. I’ve never been into crackles and don’t understand the fascination :S

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