SinfulColors Polar Opposites

It seems like every nail polish brand is jumping on the magnetic trend. For the most part I’ve stayed away from magnetic nail polish but when I saw Polar Opposites in the SinfulColors Sinfully Magnetic display at Target I just had to have it. It looked like it had so much potential in the bottle! Normally a SinfulColors nail polish retails for $1.99. The polishes from their magnetic line retail for $4.99. So I expected great things from this polish.

Each SinfulColors magnetic polish comes with a magnet (obviously) and a set of directions. The directions and magnet are similar to other magnetic polishes. The directions state to apply one coat, let dry, apply a second coat then hold the magnet over the wet polish for 15-20 seconds.

In the bottle Polar Opposites looks like an icy steel blue with light blue shimmer. Before the magnet that is basically what it looks like on the nail. I quite like this polish even then. Then as the directions stated I held the magnet over the polish for 20 seconds.

I’ve used other magnetic polishes and have never had a problem. But the first time I used this polish it was kind of a disaster. Ok, that’s a little extreme but my manicure turned out like this. Yeah. Not good. My result looked nothing like the advertised result (there is a picture of that below the jump).

Figuring that perhaps I did something wrong I attempted to use Polar Opposites again. This time around I used 3 coats of Polar Opposites and held the magnet over the polish for about 30 seconds. The results were better but I was still underwhelmed.

As a last resort I decided to try this polish with the magnet from Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Silver Element. The results were leaps and bound better.

If you have other magnets that you know work well then I would recommend checking out SinfulColors magnetic polishes. If you don’t have another magnet I would pass and look into other magnetic polish options (I really like the Sally Hansen magnetic polishes).

Below the jump there are a slew of pictures including pictures of the bottle, directions, magnet as well as swatches of the manicure I did using the Sally Hansen magnet.



8 responses to “SinfulColors Polar Opposites

  1. I like the teal in this one a lot but I am so done with the magnetic looks – surprised to see companies still doing them and sounds like more to come – OPI just released the Skyfall ones and I think I saw promo for another company doing a line after the first of the yr.

  2. weirdly enough these magnetic polishes never work for me…i tried 3 different brands…it never looked good enough. And yes i was doing everything right 😛
    Did you find it easy with this one?

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