Nail Art: Iron Bowl 2012 Manicure

Another year, another Iron Bowl.

I went to Birmingham to visit some family for Thanksgiving and while I was there I did a little day trip to my alma mater. Auburn is a beautiful place and I don’t get down there enough. While many things have changed there were quite a few things that were exactly the same.

One of those things was the old Auburn Hardware store. It has been there forever (it was there when my grandfather was at Auburn in the 40’s!). Anyway, this is all a long winded way of saying that beside the hardware store there was an Alabama state flag flying. But it wasn’t the traditional white and red. It was navy and orange (Auburn’s colors). That flag was the inspiration for this manicure.

For the burnt orange (since we’re being all official…) I used SinfulColors Citrine and for the navy blue I used Nina Ultra Pro Sailor. To do the flag accent I used my DIY striper (I swear I’ll be doing a post on that soon!) and dipped it into Citrine and drew the stripes.

I really love the way this manicure turned out. That being said…unless you’re from the state of Alabama or have spent some time there you probably wouldn’t get this manicure. But I do like that it’s completely different from the other Auburn manicures I’ve done as this one didn’t involve tiger stripes, polka dots or even glitter!

As some of you may know we have this crazy tradition in Auburn of rolling our beloved Toomer’s Oaks after not only football wins, but when anything good happens at Auburn. Unfortunately, a crazed Alabama fan poisoned the oak trees almost 2 years ago. They are still standing but the prognosis for their survival is not good. Due to this I often wear a Toomer’s Oak ring which is included in the pictures below the jump.

It would take nothing short of a miracle for Auburn to win this year’s Iron Bowl but none the less I will be tuned in and cheering on my Tigers.

War Eagle!





2 responses to “Nail Art: Iron Bowl 2012 Manicure

  1. We always seem to recall fondly our college colors it seems. I went for my undergrad work at USC which has cardinal and gold for their colors. Fun to go back to other schools I went to…cannot say USC is that much fun to go back to except for right on the’s right near downtown LA – which has been in a perpetual renewal, but still is well…LA, not my fav place to have to go. I support my team’s still and have my assortment of hats, sweatshirts and T’s.

    • I went to the USC campus when I was in LA. I thought it was lovely!

      And I will be pulling for USC tonight against Notre Dame. I’d really appreciate it if y’all could pull of an upset 🙂

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