OPI Live and Let Die

I have  mixed feelings about Black Friday. It’s the best and worst Friday of the year. It’s the best of course because it kicks off the holiday season which means massive sales. It’s the worst because the place I usually go for a break from life (read…the mall) turns into a zoo. But either way, today is Black Friday. And while I’m not partaking in any shopping this year, I of course had to have an appropriate manicure. Last year I did a more literal interpretation of Black Friday and wore petites COLOR FEVER Black Diamond. This year I wanted to try something a little less literal.

Live and Let Die is from OPI’s Skyfall 007 collection and is probably the polish I was most excited about from the Bondettes mini set. It looked unique and right up my alley. Luckily, I was right!

This polish is absolutely gorgeous! Live and Let Die is a blackened green with a bit of a blue undertone that is packed with greenish gold shimmer. The shimmer isn’t microglitter. It has a bit of a flaky look to it. Just gorgeous and so appropriate for this time of year. And despite the golden shimmer it looks pretty good against my  pale skintone (even when I’m rocking a Hello Kitty bandaid).

The formula is also fantastic. I used two coats in my swatches though with careful application this could be a one coater.

So far I am definitely impressed with this collection. GoldenEye is pretty amazing but Live and Let Die is my favorite so far!

As always, there are more swatches below the jump!


3 responses to “OPI Live and Let Die

  1. Not a fan of Black Fri – but then when they started to do the day after Christmas massive mark-down sales long ago, I never went to those either – too many people. I only buy 2 gifts at holiday anyway – a close friend and then a name I draw each yr from a tree we have with a local charity where needy kids put up on a card what they want for a gift. It’s amazing to see what they ask for sometimes. It’s not unusual to find they ask for something not for them, but for another, or ask for something the family as a whole needs. I like this shade you are showing but I have trouble getting it to show the stuff in it unless I am in really good light. That said, that’s OK since I cannot wear plain black cream – I need it to be something like this or a tint to red or blue to be able to pull it off – so these kind of shades double for me as a black.

  2. Think the gold in it is the same as in GoldenEye?

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