OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys

While the first day of winter may not be until December 21st, once Thanksgiving passes it’s winter in my book! Since fall is coming to a close (at least in my mind…) I was looking for a nice fall color to wear on my nails.

Suzi Loves Cowboys is the ultimate fall color, which is somewhat ironic since it’s from the Texas collection that OPI released in the Spring of 2011. It is a gorgeous rich chocolate brown creme. The color really does remind me of melted chocolate! Perfect for a cool, fall day.

The Texas collection was the collection that OPI tried to claim they came up with a unique sorbet finish. Well, actually, the sorbet finish polishes are just jellies. So I did need three coats of Suzi Loves Cowboys to get an opaque, even color.

Brown is a color that is severely lacking in my polish collection. I have a few that I really love (like OPI My Private Jet and Espresso You Style) but not an overwhelming number. Due to this, I was quite surprised by how much I like Suzi Love Cowboys. It feels very chic on the nail yet unexpected at the same time.

As always, there are more swatches below the jump!


7 responses to “OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys

  1. Yum, chocolate. Would be sweet (pun intended) for Easter too, with a few pastel candy dots.

    Drat, now I have to go dig in my son’s H’ween candy….

    • Ohh…this would be a good chocolate color for Easter!

      I’m impressed he has any Halloween candy left. It never lasted very long when I was a kid!

  2. Hello! I have a question about this polish. Does it look brown and not black in most lighting?

  3. Ms. Suzi gets around doesn’t she. This is a very pretty color.

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