Orly La Playa

La playa in Spanish means “the beach”…or at least that’s what my brother who is fluent in Spanish tells me. That’s kind of ironic since no matter how much I rack my brain I can’t come up with a way to relate this polish to the beach. But, funny enough, it makes me think of Malibu. I spotted Orly’s Summer 2010 Viva! collection not long before I left for vacation in Malibu and I wore this for the vast majority of my vacation (despite the fact I lugged 7 polishes all the way to the west coast…).

Anyway, onto the polish! La Playa wants to be a navy creme but doesn’t quite make it into navy, at least in my opinion. There are distinct purple undertones to this polish that navy lacks.

Application was just ok. I used three coats and you can tell in one of the pictures below the jump the polish is a bit uneven leaving a few bare spots. To be fair, they aren’t really noticeable unless there’s bright light involved, but still, just fyi.

Orly didn’t add this to their permanent line but it’s still available on Amazon. The polish that is the closest dupe to this in my current collection is Ulta Moody Blues.

There are more swatches below the jump!


6 responses to “Orly La Playa

  1. Lovely – I have a weakness for the deep blues long as I can still see the blue in them vs them so dark they look black. I am sort of seeing the purple here – know how hard that is to pull up in photos. I have OPI Tomorrow Never Dies on now and it’s really royal purple – yet every photo I have seen of it on the web, it looks blue! This Orly reminds me some of OPI RoadHouse Blues from the fall 2011 collection.

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