essence – Edward’s Love

I just about did cartwheels through the aisles of ULTA when I spotted essence’s Breaking  Dawn Part 2 display! The display was pretty picked over and the only polish left was Edward’s Love so I had to grab it. I had no idea that Alli had picked up Jacob’s Protection so it worked out very nicely!

The nail polish is fun – but since I can’t seem to resist a sparkly black polish – it’s not unique to my collection at all. Edward’s Love is a Black jelly/creme hybrid base with large silver glitter throughout. The very sparse holographic (or multicolored microglitter?) cause a flash of color every so often.

Application was an absolute bear (or..wolf?). Between the brush and the top it was difficult to use – I either couldn’t cover my whole nail or my cuticles were covered in polish. The polish was thick. It reach a nice opaque finish with two coats – so it does have that going for it.

I haven’t seen the movie yet but I’m super excited for it. I won’t be wearing Edward’s Love though. All in all, this is nothing more than a novelty polish for me.

Have a great weekend!



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