essence Jacob’s Protection

I seriously considered pretending I’m not a huge Twilight fan or admitting that once upon a time many blue moons ago I was really into Twilight or not reminding everyone that I once created my own Twilight collection (with Katie’s help…). But really, who am I kidding? I still love Twilight. I’m super excited about Breaking Dawn Part 2 coming out today. And if Pieces of Flair was still a thing (is it still a thing? I miss it…) I’d still be mad that it spoiled that Jacob was a wolf, well, shape shifter, whatever, before I read New Moon.

So to say the least when I saw that essence had a Twilight Breaking Dawn (part 2!) collection I was pretty excited. I spotted the display at Ulta and knew I had to pick up SOMETHING.

The collection has 4 nail polishes; Jacob’s Protection, Piece of Forever, Alice Has a Vision – Again and Edward’s Love. Despite the fact that the price list wasn’t in English, I figured out pretty quickly that the polishes were $1.99  a piece.

All of the polishes looked lovely but Jacob’s Protection caught my eye immediately. I have a serious love of all things navy (I blame my mother…) and nail polish is no exception! In the bottle Jacob’s Protection looked absolutely gorgeous. Due to this I had pretty high expectations and this polish did fall slightly short.

Jacob’s Protection has mostly blue glass flecks with a few greenish ones thrown in for good measure. This is all suspended in a sheer almost black base.   Sadly, this is just a little dull on the nail. But still gorgeous. I just had extremely high expectations! And this is very unique in my collection.

The formula was a bit difficult to work with. It’s on the thick side and can get clumpy and the large, wide brush doesn’t help. I used three coats in my swatches. Two coats left quite a few bare spots.

Despite the formula issues, I’m happy I have this polish. It’s gorgeous and unique and well, it’s Twilight themed. That makes for a happy Alli.

I’ve always been the Jacob girl and Katie’s always been the Edward girl. So Katie will be posting Edward’s Love later today.

Below the jump there are a ton more swatches and essence’s step by step guide for the ULTIMATE vampire look (seriously) that ironically does not include nail polish. Hm. I bet vampires can do their nails super fast…

4 responses to “essence Jacob’s Protection

  1. That’s odd that the display was in french. Must have been intended for display here in Canada. I’ll admit I’m so used to displays in both english and french, I don’t even notice which is which half the time. Quel beau vernis!

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