Nail Art: Large Purple Polka Dots

Sometimes being a nail polish blogger leads to strange things happening. Like that one day not only did I do my nails, I added some nail art just to go to the grocery store. I just don’t think doing my nails specifically to go to the grocery store is normal. But regardless, I really like what I came up with!

To do this manicure I did all my nails except my ring finger with wet n wild megalast Disturbia. I used Essie No Place Like Chrome on my ring finger then used the largest of my DIY dotting tools to make large purple polka dots with Disturbia. I then topped all the purple polish with Orly Fowl Play (including the polka dots).

I fell in love with this manicure. The flaky glitter polka dots just made me happy. Which sounds crazy but I think everyone who reads this blog already thinks I’m crazy so it’s ok!

There are many, many more swatches below the jump 🙂








7 responses to “Nail Art: Large Purple Polka Dots

  1. You are making me wish I had bought Essie No Place like Chrome when I thought I really hated all in that collection – but you use it often in art stamping and it looks great! My go to silver is an Orly that is really foil like and it does not work as well stamping – guess I need ‘your’ Essie! I bought about 3 bottles of Fowl Play when it came out hoping that my 2 bottles of OPIs Merry Midnight would last me forever! The Orly goes a bit darker but it’s got the same stuff in it – you just need to look a little harder. Nice job here as usual!

    • I surprise myself how often I use No Place Like Chrome! Definite must have for me.

      For whatever reason I never got on the Merry Midnight wagon but I do love Fowl Play. I need to use it more often!

  2. totally love this! I have Fowl Play and never thought of layering it like this. Really looks good. Now I have to go purchase dotting tools!

  3. Yea you really don’t have to buy dotting tools…….I bought them and they are just ok, couple of them seem like the same size. They set I bought doesn’t even have an option for dots that big, so I often find my self using other items.

  4. Love it very pretty!!!!!

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