OPI Tangled in the Tinsel (+ a dupe)

Beauty Brands is one of my favorite stores but it’s a bit out of the way for me so I don’t get there often. I managed to get over there the other day and was really excited when I saw a display of 2 OPI Beauty Brand holiday 2012 exclusives; Tangled in the Tinsel and Ask Me Who I’m Wearing?. Historically, I am a HUGE fan of Beauty Brand’s OPI exclusives and have collected quite a few. Perfectly Red is my all time favorite red creme, Red Hot Glam and Pomegranate Me a Wish are gorgeous shimmery reds and Teeny Weeny Pink Bikini is one of my favorite pink polishes.

Of the two Beauty Brands exclusives this time around Tangled in the Tinsel definitely caught my eye. It looks so interesting in the bottle. The combination of silver glitter in a greenish blue leaning gray jelly base with the addition of chunkier rainbow glitter is hard to resist!

Application was average for a glitter polish. I used three coats in my swatches and bald spots can be a problem unless you are careful.

Moral of the story…awesome polish but now is the part where I hate on OPI. Again.

They’ve gotten into this lovely habit where “x store exclusive” is just another name for “we already released this polish and want to sell more of it so we’re going to put a different label on it and hope no one notices.”

For a full rant and more swatches (and what polish OPI repackaged this time) check below the jump!

The first time I noticed OPI had started to repackage previously released polishes was with another Beauty Brands exclusive; Orchid Me Not. Turns out….it was Kinky in Helsinki repackaged with a new label. I wasn’t too upset about that one since Kinky in Helsinki is a long retired polish.

But then last holiday season as part of their Ulta exclusives they released A Sparkle Yule Love which was Excuse Moi (from the Muppets collection). Both those polishes was available to purchase at Ulta at the same time. Releasing the same polish at the same time with 2 different labels is downright criminal!

Just when I didn’t think OPI could do any worse they released an Ulta exclusive Summer collection that was a collection full of dupes of recently released collections. Seriously.

So, to say the least, I am well aware of OPIs habit of doing this. When I looked at Tangled in the Tinsel in the store I racked my brain thinking about other OPI polishes I might have similar to this one. Metallic 4 Life immediately came to mind but has much chunkier glitter. I also thought perhaps How’s it Snowin’ might be a dupe but as it turns out, that one doesn’t have any rainbow glitter in it. When I purchased Tangled in the Tinsel I thought I was safe. Well, I was wrong!

Previously OPI had never repacked Nicole by OPI polishes and sold them as OPI  exclusives but that is exactly what they did this time around. Nicole by OPI Follow Me On Glitter is the exact same polish as Tangled in the Tinsel and is easily found in most drugstores. This is great news if you like this polish and don’t live near a Beauty Brands. This is bad news for me who has, yet again, been duped by OPI!

Sigh. One day I will learn!


19 responses to “OPI Tangled in the Tinsel (+ a dupe)

  1. Opi is really not impressing me lately because of stuff like this and the other issue I have with them. I went out to Ulta to grab Tomorrow Never Dies and You Only Live Twice from the “new” collection both are easily duped by Bizarre Blurple and Ruby Pumps from China Glaze. I wish they would start coming out with something original. Yet I still go out and buy their polish- I wish I would learn too.
    On the upside- Tangled in Tinsel is a great color.

    • I agree, OPI has been severely lacking in originality as of late. And this whole rebottling already released polishes is really making me angry!

  2. OPI has had need to up their game in the past 2 yrs especially. They get a hot hit here and there and still are a go to brand for many. I don’t live where there is a Best Buys but if I did, this one is not one I would pick up. It’s going nowhere for me. I do like 3 of the new Skyfall colors a lot but agree Tomorrow Never Dies is duped by ChG Bizarre Blurple – but since I did not pick that ChG up, I am happy to have the OPI version and love, love how it looks as a base to the gold leafs that are out there. I also really like You Only Live Twice -it’s a deeper more red-raspberry version of an fav of mine by OPI (2 yrs back), Let Me Entertain You…but I am a huge sucker for great magentas. I am not seeing how You Only Live Twice is duped by ChG Ruby Pumps – Ruby Pumps is a red glittery polish and YOLT is a red warm shimmer which is nothing at all new and not even in my favs of red with gold shimmers in them. I would love to see OPI return to their former yrs when they released a great traditional end of yr holiday collection – some of my all time ever fav OPIs came out of those collections (looking at you Dear Santa esp).

  3. Wow! that is kinda shady! I have to say I hesitate a bit before buying an OPI polish now and look for dupes online first. At least it is a pretty polish.

  4. Actually, last summer, Ulta had an exclusive OPI 4-pc collection called Shimmer into Summer that was an entire re-release of the Nicole by OPI 4-pc Gossip Girl collection, which came out the previous summer/fall. I’m still kicking myself for not picking up I’m an Aquaholic (aka Party in the Penthouse)!!!

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  6. If this is the new trend, then I’ll be needing OPI to repackage “Disco Dolls” for me. I simply refuse to buy a Kardash color. No way, no how, no chance, will not to do it. =)

  7. Do you have Ask Me Who I’m Wearing? Is it a dupe to any other OPI or Nicole?

    • Do you mean OPI Who Are You Wearing? from the Holiday in Hollywood collection? If so I don’t know of an exact dupe from OPI or Nicole by OPI but it’s a fairly basic color.

      • I was reading what you wrote above: “Beauty Brands is one of my favorite stores but it’s a bit out of the way for me so I don’t get there often. I managed to get over there the other day and was really excited when I saw a display of 2 OPI Beauty Brand holiday 2012 exclusives; Tangled in the Tinsel and Ask Me Who I’m Wearing?. ”

        It sounds like there is a color from Beauty Brands released the same time as Tangled in Tinsel called Ask Me Who I’m Wearing (I have Who Are You Wearing?.). I was just wondering if you have it and if so do you have any pics of it?

      • Oh! Now I understand!

        I didn’t pick up Ask Me Who I’m Wearing so I don’t know. Likely the answer is yes. It wasn’t a very unique color.

        I don’t have any pictures of it other than just the display photo.

      • Ok – thank you. I saw it on eBay and was wondering what it really looked like. 🙂

  8. I was just at my local nail supply and they had the color you have labeled as Tangled Up In Tinsel, but instead it was labeled as OPI How’s It Snowin’. Are there two versions of How’s It Snowin’, one with multicolor glitter (the NOPI dupe) and one without (the Nina Glamrock dupe)? Does your How’s It Snowin’ have multicolor glitter? I’m having a hard time telling from pictures online, because I saw a bottle shot w/label on eBay that matched what I saw, but all the actual swatch pics look like Glamrock. The multicolor glitter is pretty obvious, and should be on the nail, so I think there are two versions. I put it back on the shelf. I may go pick it up to have the exclusive and ditch my NOPI instead. Or maybe it’s super exclusive because it’s a mislabeled Ulta exclusive!

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