OPI Done Out in Deco

Something interesting I’ve noticed recently about my nail polish habits is that when I want a break from bold and/or dark manicures I often reach for a pale purple. Despite trying out a couple neutrals recently (China Glaze Oxygen, Color Club Who Are You Wearing?) I’m not really a fan of nude nail polish. It’s just too boring!

Done out in Deco is a dusty pale lilac creme. The formula is perfection. The application is perfection. The wear is amazing. I have no complaints about this polish. Makes for a rather boring post, doesn’t it?

This polish was originally released as part of OPI’s Spring 2009 South Beach collection. Overall, I was never a big fan of that collection, but Done Out in Deco is a definite stand out.

For along time this was part of OPI’s permanent line but it seems they discontinued it somewhat recently. Despite that, this is still a fairly easy polish to find.

As always, there are more swatches below the jump!




6 responses to “OPI Done Out in Deco

  1. I also have been reaching for shades not deep and dark – part of that is we only had a few days where it seemed to cool off and kind of feel like fall hit – but now it’s back into the 90’s and killer again. Hard to feel like wearing anything really fall/winter looking. I have not been out of shorts and sandals but for 2 days when i did put on longer pants. Love this shade – it’s one of my favs because it’s dusty and also does not look chalky white which many in this range can.

    • I have so many pale purples I just don’t like that much because they are too white. This is the perfect balance between too white and too dusty 🙂

  2. I love this! going to have to hunt for it. it has a dusty and mauvey quality that I love. too many of the current pale purples have way too much grey in them for me. Which is the dreaded Corpse hands effect. this one is perfect, and looks great on you. thanks for the eye candy

  3. The colour reminds me of “Bite the Bullet” from Wet’n’Wild’s Megalast line.

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