Nail Art: Election Nail Ideas!

It’s finally here! The 2012 general election is on Tuesday and whether you are excited or relieved that it is election eve eve it is the perfect excuse to rock some patriotic and/or election nail art.

As usual we’re just bursting with ideas around here so I decided to compile some appropriate (yet easy) nail art into one post. For a slew of ideas (and links to how-tos) check below the jump.

I’d love to know if you plan on doing any election themed nail art or if you find any inspiration from the ideas below!

Most importantly, whatever your political affiliation may be, don’t forget to rock the vote on Tuesday.

For the Trendy Girl: Patriotic Caviar Manicure. We all know that texture is the biggest thing in nail art right now. So why not combine trendy with patriotic? Sounds like the perfect combo to me!


For the Low Maintenance Voter: Patriotic Accent Nail. If you want to show your patriotism but don’t want to or have time to do elaborate nail art take a page from Olympians Allison Schmitt and Elizabeth Beisel and keep it simple by adding a sparkly red accent nail to your sparkly blue manicure.



For the Girl Who Wants to Try Something New: Straw Nail Art. This is a different yet eye catching way to rock red, white and blue. I promise the poll workers will want to know how you did it!


For the Romney Supporter: Romney Campaign Logo Nail Art. If Mitt’s your man this is your nail art! The perfect way to show support for your candidate!


For the Star Lover: Stars & Stripes Manicure. Not much is more patriotic than rocking the American flags on your nails. This is an interpretation of Old Glory that makes it a bit easier to fit on a nail.


For the Idealist: Rock the Vote Manicure. If you’re biggest concern on Tuesday is the percentage of the population that participate the Democratic process this is the manicure for you!

For the DIY’er: DIY Star Glitter Manicure. Have some star glitter? Have red and blue nail polish? Have that DIY spirit? Give this manicure a try.


For the Obama Supporter: Obama Logo and Star Manicure. If you want 4 more years look no further for your election day manicure.


For the Polka Dot Lover: Patriotic Polka Dots. Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Unaffiliated…who doesn’t love polka dots? Polka dots are the least controversial thing on the planet and therefore make the perfect manicure for those who want to stay entirely nonpartisan outside the voting booth. We use secret ballots for a reason!


10 responses to “Nail Art: Election Nail Ideas!

  1. I love the VOTE one and the polka dot one – remember all of these you have shown in the past because they all made a positive impression on me. I so wish we had in the US, elections where in person voting was open for 2 days. I know a ton of folks who have good intentions of voting and then they never get to the polls that day due to late work hrs – traffic or other unexpected things. Many I know don’t think absentee ballots count and indeed many times they don’t – they only get counted if they are needed. I don’t live in a state that has early voting but am all in favor of that and on line/fax voting. I have in yrs past, driven shut ins and folks who don’t drive to their polling place and helped them mobility wise to get in and out to vote…but sad to say, many I have taken in the past to vote get there and are boggled by new technology being used for voting. I have on the drive home, only then found out that some I transported to and from the poll site did not vote because they were too mixed up and did not get help to understand how to use the technology. We have a long way to go to really get more folks to the polls voting who want to. I was glad to see in my state this yr that the registration time for being able to vote was extend out to mid Oct. Technology has helped there a lot. It was always hard to see voter reg. cut off 4 months before the actual vote dates. I so hope everyone who wants to, does make it to cast their vote. It’s so important.

  2. Awesome ideas! (I can’t believe y’all did all of those… and then took it off to do more. it took me forever just to do ONE)

    I hope you don’t mind if I share mine!

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