Perfect Pair: Lex Cosmetics Himalayas & Arcoiris

If you caught my tweet then you know this past Saturday night on my nails there was a Lex Cosmetics party happening. I’ve been dabbling in dark green polish as the weather has gotten cooler. Estee Lauder has a huge ad in my local mall feature just a bottle of deep green polish so thinking green polish is going to be a trend come winter I’ve been revisiting some of my favorites.

On Saturday I was wearing Lex Cosmetics Himalayas which I love. It’s a fabulous deep green creme that really is quite unique. But I was going out Saturday night and wanted to add some glitter to my manicure. This seemed like the perfect excuse to use Lex Cosmetics Acroiris. I wasn’t sure at first if a rainbow glitter would look good over a deep green but turns out I loved the combination.

As always, there are more swatches below the jump. The macro shots really show how pretty Acroiris is!

Disclosure: The product(s) used in this post were provided to TDV for review. For more information check out our disclosure policy.


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